Decisions, decisions…

I know that I’m probably overreacting to it, but I find the way Cameron Kinney has framed his recruiting decision a little depressing:

“Do I play for Oklahoma, the No. 2 team in the country which has the Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback [Sam Bradford] coming back to compete for next year’s national championship?”

“Or do I play in front of family and friends in the SEC at Georgia? That would be something special, something people from my hometown [of Dacula] would always remember. At Oklahoma, I’d be playing in front of 86,000 fans, but not really many people that I would know.”

Yeah, I know that Richt and Bobo haven’t gotten their licks in yet, but still.  And the irony of the fact that Georgia was in pretty much the same position with recruits in ’08 (second place finish in the national polls and a hot QB) as Oklahoma is now hasn’t escaped me either.

We live in a “what have you done for me lately” world, though, and no college football head coach gets to rest on his laurels too long.  This kind of perception needs to get nipped in the bud quickly.



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9 responses to “Decisions, decisions…

  1. Darryl Strawberry

    Wait, I’m confused….

    Your depressed by the kid’s description of both programs?

    I think he is dead on. Should he play for a team that consistently plays in the MNC Game or should he play for the team that is close to home and consistently underachieves?


  2. dudetheplayer

    The 2002, 2005, and 2007 teams were underachievers?

    Richt is 82-22 since he arrived here in 2001. Stoops in that same stretch is 89-19.

    Trying to evaluate the relative accomplishments of the two programs based on MNC game appearances seems a bit shortsighted. OU plays in a different conference with different challenges they face year in and year out (this is not meant as a “SEC > Big 12” argument, just that OU and UGA don’t travel the same road)… and we already know there is a certain luck factor in getting in the MNC game in the first place.

    I don’t see a huge disparity in the success of the two programs in the last 8 seasons. Hell, OU in the last 8 seasons has as many MNCs as we do. The comparison of them as a perennial power compares to us as just the hometown, sentimental favorite IS a perception we need to work on fixing real quick.


  3. Ally

    I hope he picks Oklahoma.


  4. dean

    Hopefully everything works out for the kid but he really needs to look a little further down the road than next year. Not to say UO is a flash in the pan or anything but Bradford is gone next year and they’ll be breaking in a new QB. They may not miss a beat but they’ll likely take a few steps back. Just something to think about. Hope he enjoys Norman.


  5. DirkDawggler

    At least we generally win our bowl games. Stoops, on the other hand, is the Monarch of Meltdowns for anything played after Christmas.


  6. Well, I agree it is disturbing that he sees Georgia as a program not on the level of Oklahome or Florida.

    But, it is also true. All he needs to do is look up FL and AL games of this year. Honestly, if we wouldn’t have completed wet ourselves on the biggest stages we enjoyed all year I don’t think people would see us the way they do.

    Those two 2008 games enable people to write-off 2007 as a fluke.



  7. Ally

    Ridge, that’s hardly the point. The issue here is his attitude and his reasoning for picking UGA. If he doesn’t believe that we CAN compete for a MNC (only a year after finishing #2 in the country w/ loaded recruiting classes, etc.) then we don’t need that kind of lockerroom cancer.


  8. bluecaliber

    i hope cam picks the school that is best for him and that may not be what is close to home for him but at least i am not bein a selfish jerk like some of you people….now grow up seriously


  9. kckd

    I think the kid was just saying what stands out at the moment about both schools to him. Obviously UGA is the family ticket, he has to look at other stuff for OU.

    If this were last year and he was looking into UGA and Ohio St. he may have said the exact same thing.