There are things worse than playoffs.

I meant to comment on this bit of news last week…

… Teaff, talking at the AFCA annual convention, said the review coincides with the final year of the Fox television agreement with the BCS. ESPN takes over after next season. He said issues would include… whether to make the vote that goes with the final BCS standings in December anonymous again and whether the poll would even remain part of the system.

If that’s an either/or call, I hope the coaches pick Door Number 2 before picking Door Number 1, especially given the rationale for going back to anonymous ballots.

… As for possibly going back to having every vote anonymous, Teaff said professional pollsters have told the AFCA there will be a more honest vote if the balloting is done without being attached to a name, as the final December vote is that helps determine the teams who play in the BCS title game. He said coaches might feel pressure to cover themselves with their conference teams.

Brian Cook nails that specious BS for the pile of manure that it is.  And the serious credibility problem it raises.

… The only thing worse than having a group of people suffused with naked self-interest vote on who should be in the national championship game is having that group of people do so anonymously. The coaches poll shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the selection process unless it’s willing to publicize their ballots, period. If that causes coaches to cover themselves with conference mates, the issue is not the open ballot, it’s having vast conflicts of interest in your pollsters.

If Mack Brown or any other coach is serious about killing the BCS as quickly as possible he’ll take the opportunity provided by the final ballot of the year and, for example, vote Texas #1 and not vote for Oklahoma at all. Coaches poll = dead…

The thing is, using that example, Mack in all likelihood doesn’t have to leave the Sooners off his ballot entirely.  He just has to rank Oklahoma low enough to make a difference – in part because Bob Stoops doesn’t vote in the coaches’ poll.

The coaches’ poll is biased enough with the final regular season ballots made public.   (Just ask Hal Mumme.)  If these guys can’t trust themselves to cast their votes wisely and honestly, why should we?


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3 responses to “There are things worse than playoffs.

  1. peacedog

    The push to go back to anonymous balloting is absurd.


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  3. keith

    Love it when an article proves my point about the absurdities of how we determine who plays in the MNC game. That article points out the biases and such that coaches vote under. Not to mention, just how many teams have the coaches watch play to determine this so called championship game. Anonymously or not it doesn’t matter, its still absurd.