“Five hours from our doorstep are the finest players in America.”

Andy Staples at SI.com has an interesting piece up about why the rich stay rich when it comes to recruiting and winning.  Bottom line?  Home is where the heart lies for top talent.

… An SI study of 2004-08 recruiting data for the 65 BCS-conference schools and Notre Dame revealed that programs which draw at least 50 percent of their players from within 200 miles or from within their home state stand a far better chance of winning consistently than those that did not. Of the nine schools that won 50 or more games from 2004-08, seven signed more than half their recruits during that span from within their state or from within 200 miles of campus: Texas (93.2% from in-state, 71.8 percent from within 200 miles), USC (72.0, 61.0), Georgia (63.6, 70.1), Florida (62.3, 47.9), Ohio State (55.8, 66.3), Virginia Tech (54.3, 44.0) and LSU (50.4, 56.5). Oklahoma barely missed the cut, with 49.1 percent from within 200 miles.

Of the 22 schools that won 40 or more games during that span, 16 attracted more than half their players from within 200 miles or from within their state. Of the 44 schools that won fewer than 40 games, only 13 met the homegrown recruiting criteria.

Based on that, Lane Kiffin and his cast of recruiting all-stars have their work cut out for them, no?


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5 responses to ““Five hours from our doorstep are the finest players in America.”

  1. MJ

    That was interesting, Blutarsky. Thanks for posting it.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    VA Tech kinda shocks me …


  3. dean

    I’m kinda surprised by LSU. I would have guessed they’re percentages would be higher. And I’m disgusted with UF’s because even competing against FSU and Miami (and I guess Central Fla., FIU, FAMU, etc…) their number is still higher than schools that don’t have nearly the in-state competition.


  4. I’m a little surprised by LSU too, but I guess it’s because they get a lot of kids out of Southeast TX…still surprising b/c Louisiana is loaded.

    The Tidewater area of VA is loaded too, but you know what you’re getting when you recruit those kids….Ronald Curry, Michael Vick, Marcus Vick, Allen Iverson, DeAngelo Williams, etc., etc. Horrible work ethic, bad attitude, and a total inability to stay out of trouble.