Pay attention.

For those of you that think Utah’s surprisingly strong defensive showing in the Sugar Bowl was due to the absence of Andre Smith at the left tackle position, Doc Saturday offers a compelling rebuttal.

I know it’s been convenient to blame the loss on Smith/third string left offensive tackle/Alabama’s fragile state of mind after losing the SECCG and not getting a shot at the national title, but the truth of the matter is that Saban and his staff got outcoached on both sides of the ball.  Saban did coax a great year out of his squad, but it’s a little surprising that he’s gotten a pass on the bowl game from the media.

Of course, while the media may not have given the Ute coaching staff the credit it deserved, that effort didn’t go unnoticed by their peers. (h/t Doc Saturday)

During the morning he spent as the University of Utah’s co-offensive coordinator, Aaron Roderick made one memorable play call: a post-corner route, sending himself to Seattle.

Not counting defensive coordinator Gary Andersen, who became Utah State’s head coach, the Utes have recently lost three assistants to schools offering more money but only equal or less responsibility: Offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig and line coach Charlie Dickey moved to Kansas State and Roderick will coach Washington’s receivers.


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2 responses to “Pay attention.

  1. Jim

    “all by an unusual combination of synchronized pre-snap shifts and well-disguised zone blitzing. ”

    When is the last time our defensive line changed postions prior to the snap. We don’t.


  2. Senator, what it is about the pass Nicky Satan gets with the media that surprises you? Or Urban Cryer either for that matter? I think we all got a pass on coach licking this year because of GPOOE.