Schadenfreude, darling, schadenfreude…

Damn, am I the only one amused by this?

“Coach Meyer was pretty upset,” Reid said. “He asked ‘Where were all these other schools before the Under Armour game? Did they even know who Greg Reid was as a sophomore and junior like we [Florida] did?’ [Meyer] spoke in a very powerful [tone].”

Meyer probably used the same tone he did when he got Justin Trattou and Omar Hunter to jump ship from Notre Dame.

By the way, it didn’t work with Reid.


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18 responses to “Schadenfreude, darling, schadenfreude…

  1. Robert

    …I guess Reid didn’t see things Urban’s Way.


  2. dean

    You’re not the only one Senator. I couldn’t help but smile after reading the article. There’s something strangely satisfying about a kid thumbing his nose at Myer. The more I read about Myer’s recruiting tactics the more he sounds like that crazy, psycho ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) most of us have experienced once or twice. The one that calls (or texts) you 1000 times a day, always seems to “run” into you and is extremely jealous that you’ve moved on. Maybe Myer has pushed Reid into CMR’s arms.


  3. Well, that’s a bad deal right there, huh Urban?

    Muckbeast – Game Design and Online Worlds


  4. Meyer, Tebow, and the whole Gator lot deserve each other. I have never seen a bigger group of self-important people in my life. I take that back….I was subjected to the inauguration of the messiah yesterday.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Urb’s direct look into my eyes if you don’t commit now, right now damn it, you don’t love me anymore approach didn’t work over the weekend with Jarvis Jones, either.


  6. Richt-Flair

    The thrill I would get from a “Junkyard” type team in 09, with really no big names (aside from AJ), grinding out a win against Meyer … it would be probably more fulfilling than 07.

    Just need a couple ingredients; pass rush and competent safety play, stir, mix, repeat


  7. brad

    Meyer is in Reid’s house right now boiling his pet rabbit.


  8. Julie

    If he ever leaves UF, there’s always a promising career for CUM in selling timeshares.


  9. Dog in Fla

    ‘boiling his pet rabbit’ can only mean look to the chimney…

    If it’s a black puff of smoke, prospect still on the loose.

    If it’s a white puff of smoke, prospect has accepted the offer from Pope Urban.


  10. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    Please lord, at what point does karma come back and bite the Gators in the ass? On a more “global scale” than just losing a recruit…


  11. I bet Urban added a vicious fingerpoint to his stare.


  12. cookinandsmilin

    I have talked with some folks in Lowndes County and they feel that UGA doesn’t look in their direction enough… Especially since Valdosta/Lowndes is now “Titletown” as voted on by the entire nation, and ESPN… but I digress…

    On the topic of Greg Reid… Whichever school lands him can count on one or two ‘extra’ wins per year… I know that is a very strong statement, but anyone that has seen this guy play football may say that I am low-balling with that estimate… He is truly a special player on both sides of the ball…

    (Why do you think urban was so pissy???) That makes me laugh!


  13. The part that stinks is no matter what happens (short of some kind of insane scandal), Urban Meyer’s legend is guaranteed.

    How many coaches have multiple national titles, and an additional undefeated season as well?

    The fact that he has 2 titles and a 3rd undefeated season guarantees his legacy as one of the best college football coaches of all time. I hate that. I hate saying that. I HATE HATE HATE HATE it.

    I can barely even enjoy situations like this because the fact is, he still has those 2 titles and nothing will ever take that away. 😦

    All I can hope for now is he gets caught by some AG grad student in flagrante with some livestock.

    Muckbeast – Game Design and Online Worlds


  14. Carruthers

    Yeah, tri-guy, maybe urban could be obama’s secratary of dousche


  15. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    Or maybe Dick Cheney could be the recruiting coordinator at UF so CUM wouldn’t have to be such a douche to the recruits…


  16. AceG8tr

    Hey Muck:

    And think how bad you’ll feel when we win another MNC next year *and* go undefeated.



  17. Ace, you effuse classic gator fan symptoms.

    1) You scour the web in hopes of finding someone to brag to about your championship, instead of just enjoying it and contributing even an e-thought to the conversation.

    2) You take a statement that was meant as a compliment (or as close to one as possible by a Dawg fan) to your head coach, and turn it into an opportunity to insult said Dawg fan.

    3) You counter an argument that Urban is a douche… by being a douche.

    That about sums it up 🙂


  18. Yep, that’s pretty much it. So much arrogance it’s hard to comprehend.