Getting started on 2009

By now, I presume most of you have heard the news that the AB-H broke last night about the G-Day game:

Georgia’s spring football G-Day game on April 11 is scheduled to be shown nationally on ESPN.

The scrimmage at Sanford Stadium is the only one currently scheduled to air that day on the network, according to ESPN spokesman Mike Humes. The start time has yet to be determined.

I don’t see anything but an upside to this, as I posted last year.  Specifically, it’s a nice sales point to use with recruits in the next few weeks.

And just to get you fired up a little more, make sure you read David Hale’s post from yesterday with his football notes.  Here are some quotes:

Now, the line figures to have at least 10 potential starters in the mix for jobs next season, and Sturdivant said line coach Stacy Searels has put the onus for Georgia’s success on them.

“Coach Searels has straight up came up and told us that it’s our team now,” Sturdivant said. “We have to make the most impact on the offense because we don’t have a Stafford. We don’t have a Knowshon. We don’t have a Mohamed Massaquoi as the senior leader on our team. We’re going to have to step up and show everybody that we can play, and we are going to will this team to wins.”

On offseason workouts…
“We’re wasting no time,” Evans said. “I think this might be the hardest we’ve ever worked coming out of a December into January. Specifically, the tempo is much faster. Strength and conditioning coaches are hands on. They broke the workout groups down to six people in each position so they can focus more on us.”

On any motivation they take from Florida’s success…
“I feel that the score of 49-10 speaks for itself. Nobody wants to feel that 49-10 again. That’s pretty much what everybody is thinking about 49-10, every time we get in the weight room. If that doesn’t drive you, I don’t know what will.”

Me neither.


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22 responses to “Getting started on 2009

  1. dean

    That’s great news. Hopefully the dawgs will put on a good show. Here’s to hoping ESPN doesn’t talk CMR into doing one of those ridiculous foot races.

    I wonder if there’s any chance of getting the tape of the timeouts called by Urban to run on a loop in the weight room?


  2. SLH

    Showing time outs will have ZERO impact compared to showing the “celebration” over and over.

    What the coaches should do is place CMR’s and UGA’s record in the weight room, in the bathrooms, in the locker room, in their bedrooms, in their dens, closets, kitchens, and cars. Then, place pictures of Tebow and Meyer over the entire interior of BM, especially next to our last National Championship Trophy.

    That would get the goddamn message across.


  3. The Realist

    I heart Stacy Searels. That is all.


  4. SLH

    excuse me – CMR’s and UGA’s recent record against FL.

    Pardon the GD. I hate FL.


  5. In 2005, we’d just lost the fiery emotional leaders at all three levels of the defense (Pollack, Thurman, and Davis) and were replacing the all-time winningest QB in D-IA with a kid who was a gamer and a highly touted recruit but who had yet to make a real impact on the field during a meaningful game. That all turned out OK, if memory serves.

    I’m not saying we’re destined for another sleeper SEC-title run in 2009, but I’m way more optimistic than I have any right to be. And just as the ’08 national-title expectations seemed to be weighing heavily on this team’s psyche from the very first week, the lack of such expectations this season could be very liberating. Not to mention that the dismissive douchiness of pundits like Matt Hayes could be exactly the kind of motivation our “no-name” team could pick up and run with. Bring on the Junkyard Dawgs of ’09.


  6. NCT

    I’m with you, Doug. I’m not about to make any bold predictions about winning conference championships from relative obscurity, but neither am I anywhere close to settling into hand-wringing mode.


  7. Richt-Flair

    Doug nailed it — “Junkyard” is the mentality and personality I want to see out of this team.


  8. Ben

    Even before 2008 started I had a nagging feeling about it all, and that feeling hung over the entire season. Great players, but a decent team. Nothing ever clicked; whether that was ego or coaching, I don’t know.

    All of this stuff coming out now, though, is fantastic. For Searels to put the onus on the line to “will the team to wins” is great, and I am excited to see a TEAM come out and play next fall.

    I am so fired up for 2009 already.


  9. dean

    What the coaches should do is place CMR’s and UGA’s record in the weight room, in the bathrooms, in the locker room, in their bedrooms, in their dens, closets, kitchens, and cars.

    We both agree that there needs to be more emphasis put on beating UF. However I think the record of the past 18 years or so is part of the problem. The record is thrown in the players faces every year and it hasn’t accomplished anything yet.
    Nobody likes to be embarrassed and that’s exactly what last years WLOCP was. An embarrassment. Post that score everywhere so they can’t escape it. Maybe that would do the trick.

    I hate F’in Florida and I’m sick and tired of going to Jacksonville hoping to win instead of expecting to.


  10. Irishdawg

    Angry teams that feel dismissed often play better than highly regarded ones (see Cardinals, Arizona) so I hope the Dawgs are pissed off. But I hope the anger is focused and disciplined, and doesn’t turn into stupid penalties.


  11. Ally

    Reason # 1,845,633 why Searles is the best coach at UGA next to CMR.

    I’d love to hear that Willie & Garner are taking a page from Searles’s motivation tactics for next season as well. We need some fire & motivation on D more than anywhere else.


  12. Hopefully we’ll have a little edge about us when we go down there this year. The psychology of a rivalry is hard to change though. Here’s hoping a year of listening to ESPN verbally blow Urban and Tebow will result in a focused, pissed off team down there.


  13. Dog in Fla

    “Stomp This! No. 5 Florida Crushes No. 8 Georgia. Tebow Accounts for 5 TD’s as Revenge-Minded Gators Party on to 49-10 Win.” NBC Sports Online article dated 11/1/08.

    According to Parcells, ‘You are what your record says you are.’

    Our record over the past nineteen games against Florida is 3-16 (.157).

    If we win the next game to go 4-16 (.200), we will have reached the Mendoza Line. Maybe that will turn it around for us because apparently we’re not into revenge thing as much as Florida.

    Meyer showed good sportsmanship (forget the timeouts) by not hanging 50+ on us. Spurrier would have.


  14. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    CUM would’ve hung 50 on us. He ran out of time…


  15. Ally

    true. I wonder what CUM thinks of that girls bball team that just said sorry for beating the dogshit out of their rival 100-zero.


  16. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    The talk from the Oline is positive and certainly fires me up, but this season I don’t think they were going to have to will anything which seems to imply being lesser talent – I think just having experience and depth was going to be enough. I think they did a lot more “willing” this past season. Maybe its just more of “imposing their will” this season.

    I think 09 is going to come back to the D (again). Unless we break out in the 3-4 against OKSt, the 09 season will be make or break dependent upon finding a pass rush. Jeff Owens and Justin Houston, hello! Here is a group that is going to need to will some wins. And by that I do mean impose their will. Obviously Mich St and UF are entirely different offenses, but did you notice how the D bowed up against MSU when given a short field to defend?


  17. keith


    MSU does not exactly have an offense that sets the football world on fire. Not gonna hang my hopes on that defensive performance.


  18. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    I’m not hanging hopes on that one game either. My point was that the mentality we saw in the game was refreshing compared to some of the eggs that were laid over the course of the season. Getting back Owens, developing a consistent rush, along with that imporoved mentality/focus/intensity might bring different results.


  19. Aligator

    people, you are delusional at best, we have two deep on defense coming back and the offense will be as good or better …


  20. Yes Aligator, why should we even bother playing the season. Let’s cancel all the games, and every Saturday next fall, we can all just get together and worship the awesomeness of Tebow of Nazareth and Pope Urban. Because clearly, like OSU in 06, USC in 05, OU in 03, Miami in 02, UF in 01, FSU in 00, OSU in 98, Tennessee in 97, and Nebraska in 96, there is no possible way the 09 Gators could lose to anyone.

    If anyone needs any evidence as to why Florida fans are the most arrogant group of aholes ever assembled, that post is a pretty good one.


  21. Aligator

    no you should play all of your games and the only one you should lose it to us, by maybe 1 point. you guys are arrogant, who really believes you can win with joe cox, i mean hopefully comparing him to dj shockly, why not joe tarashinski, he did replace him that season, for a while anyways …


  22. Why shouldn’t we believe we can win with Joe Cox. Florida won with Chrissy Leak. Same high school, same system, same numbers, same results, same size, etc. The only real difference is Cox didn’t commit to Wake Forest when he was 12.