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Lane Kiffin, comedian

Junior is proving to be a funny, funny man.  Check out this joke quote:

“The biggest shock to me is how much negative recruiting there is in this conference,” Kiffin said. “We don’t do that. There are so many great programs, I would think they would want to sell their own teams. I’m shocked at how concerned other programs are with us, being that we’re a new staff and we didn’t have a very successful year last year.”

He’s shocked.  Haw, haw.

That “sell their own teams” comment is great, considering he’s tried to raid almost every coaching staff in the conference to acquire his assistant coaches.



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It’s your Saturday morning buffet!

Shmear a little cream cheese on that bagel, grab your glass of OJ and settle down with these tidbits from the internets:

  • If you want to get a feel for the bipolar nature of the Auburn football program and its fan base these days – first they’re up, then they’re down – you really ought to be reading the excellent The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, where you’ll be led to such recent doings as these:  Auburn lost master recruiter and lifetime Auburn man James Willis to Nick Saban due to a dispute over severance pay (because Chizik fired him and then hired him back), which seems remarkably silly given that the school is tossing ridiculous sums of money at guys like Trooper Taylor; and former WR commit Cameron Kinney, whose skills are sufficient to have Georgia and Oklahoma dueling it out for his services hasn’t even been contacted by the new super duper Tiger recruiting staff even though it seems apparent that Auburn is in fairly dire need of competent wide receivers for its new offense.  Go figure.
  • If you’re one of those who is barely hanging on waiting to find out where the last of the super recruits are going to spend their next few years playing ball, go check out the recruiting prediction model that three economists have developed.  Before you scoff, they’ve been right about 70% of the time over the past three years.  That would win you a lot of money in Vegas.
  • Jack Kingston still hates the Gators.
  • This assessment which appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times (h/t David Ching) kinda hurts:

The aforementioned quarterback guru, who accurately predicted the rapid success of Ryan and Flacco, offered this breakdown of the 2009 draft crop:

Matthew Stafford, Georgia: ”He’s a big guy [6-3, 237] with a great release and a big-time arm who has done it longer than Mark Sanchez. He’s the best guy in this draft. As for the charge that he didn’t win enough in college [27-7 as a starter], the Georgia team had that personality, not Stafford. They don’t win the big game consistently at Georgia like they do at Florida or LSU.”


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