“In the case of Greg Reid, there are 10 more as good as he is waiting to take his spot.”

Let’s face it, Dawgnation:  we’re doomed.  The Gators have ten more kids lined up behind the Georgia high school football player of the year, all just as good, to pick from.  That’s why Urban Meyer seemed so nonchalant about Reid’s decision to open his recruitment back up.

Yeah, that’s it.

Personally, I welcome our new Gator overlords.  At least after I stop gagging.


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10 responses to ““In the case of Greg Reid, there are 10 more as good as he is waiting to take his spot.”

  1. Rusi

    It’s funny. The first link shows a pic of Joe Haden breaking up a pass….and granted I didn’t see the UF-UK game…..but man that looks like a pass interference to me. His butt is on the ground and the pass is not even there yet!


  2. I’m with Buck Belue, who said more than anything on defense we need kids who live and die with each play and leave everything on the field. After NSD I’ll admit I use to scroll down and see how many 5 stars adorned the class.

    Well, Pollack was a 3 star kid. And I’d take 25 just like him each and every NSD.

    If Reid wants to compete for a position, we’ve got that going on. If he just wants to start…I say sign somewhere else.


  3. KG

    While losing Reid may be a bummer for the recruitniks it won’t have much impact on next year’s team. Plus if Meyer lands Teague (ATH) and Evans (S/CB) he has two young players who could be moved to CB if needed. Having a sophomore and junior starter at the position doesn’t help recruiting. The fact that both backups (Louis-Pierre and Anderson) were former starters doesn’t help send the position to HSers either.

    Greg Reid was recruited as an Athlete, he didn’t fall in love with and blossom at the cornerback position until this year. He has the ability to play several positions on the field but now seem set with CB. Joe Haden, one of Florida’s starters, by contrast came to school as a WR in the slot receiver/runner mold of Harvin before requesting a switch to CB.

    I suspect Reid ends up at FSU or Georgia for the opportunity for immediate playing time. It won’t affect Florida’s depth in the short term. I suspect CB will be a bigger priority in 2009 depending on the roster at the end of next year.


  4. kckd

    Losing Reid hurts them like losing E. Berry hurt us. But the truth is, UF, UGA, LSU, etc are capable of dealing with those blows much better than say a UT is if they lose both Brown and Long to us. There’s too much talent in state for schools like UF to hurt long term over any handful of recruits.


  5. Aligator

    i hope he goes to your school and not FSU, they are real douchebags


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Scott Kennedy, your impartial Gator news source.


  7. Carter

    I don’t follow recruiting that closely, but I’ll bet Reid goes to FSU. Tallahassee is less than 100 miles from Valdosta, and he could probably get on the field earlier at FSU.

    Has anyone heard where Jarvis Jones is leaning these days?


  8. Senator provided us with this link yesterday. Sounds like it is a lot better than us at predicting 17 year old’s collegiate decisions.

    Jones is a 27.5% lean towards UGA.



  9. Meyer saying that just let’s us know it really hurt.

    Glad to know it gets to you, Urban!

    Will Logan Gray Overtake Joe Cox?


  10. AtlDawg

    JJ going to the gaytors