Monday morning buffet

Get your juices flowing this morning with these tidbits:

  • Is there a new trend on how to fill graduate assistant slots?  If so, it seems like Notre Dame’s model is a lot more admirable than Tennessee’s.
  • Matt Melton takes a statistical look back at the last four years in the ACC.
  • I’ve gotta admit it would be pretty cool to see a wide receiver catching a TD pass in front of the ivy.
  • This is one of those posts on a subject that I never really thought much about – how scholarships and stipends work – that wound up piquing my interest.  Good stuff.
  • On the other hand, here’s a post from David Hale that I was sure would be of interest to me.  And it was, in spades.   If you’re a Georgia fan who’s not reading his blog regularly, shame on you.


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4 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Barry


    How about rewarding David by linking to his blog?


  2. cousinwalter

    “It’s all about stability,” Walsh said. “You can wow them with your leg strength, but when it comes down to it, it’s just about making kicks, doing what you need to be doing.”- Blair Walsh

    This is a lesson that I wish Walsh would have learned before last season. However, it’s a good sign that he is focused on improving and he knows what he has to do to improve.

    The moment he starting kicking on the practice field it was obvious to many that Walsh had a lot of talent and ability. Probably more so than any Georgia kicker since Kevin Butler…maybe even more. However, a few times it felt like that he was just showing off his strong leg and not just concentrating on making a good kick(mainly kickoffs but FGs too). Sounds focused now.

    The change of Coach Ball to receivers coach seems to be a good one. McClendon seems like he will do fine.


  3. Wolfman

    Looking at the ACC stats, you might have been able to assume that Clemson would be the most dominant team in the league. That’s how it looks statistically. Why can’t they even win a division when they’re in the top 2 in the league statistically every year?

    Ah, Tommy Bowden. So close, and yet so far.