Spend it if you’ve got it.

If you’re trying to figure out where this new SEC arms race of escalating assistant coaches’ salaries is headed, here’s a clue:

… SEC officials have told league athletic directors, for budgeting purposes, to expect an additional $9 million or more a year to come from conference revenue sharing. The hike is going to come from the league’s recently renegotiated TV deals with ESPN and CBS.

Mr. College Football opined before the 2008 season that the new TV deal would lead to a recruiting bonanza for SEC teams. (Although schools are still limited to 85 total scholarships.)

This from GoVols.com:

The increased salaries for assistant coaches will be offset somewhat by an anticipated increase in funds distributed by the SEC in 2010, the first year of a new blockbuster television deal with CBS and ESPN.

Last year, UT received about $10.6 million in shared revenue from the conference. (UT Athletic Director Mike) Hamilton declined to provide an estimated amount UT would receive in 2010, but said it was important to reinvest in football, which is responsible for roughly 85 percent of UT’s $87 million athletic budget.

So by that measure, each school’s cut of conference revenue will almost double with the new TV money.  You do the math.


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  1. Ally

    It should be interesting to see how all this excess money will effect PR at Universities, particularly those that are facing huge budget cuts & layoffs. Even though Athletic Departments are separate from the University & Athletics give a good portion of their profits to their Universities, its still hard to justify from some.

    I read an article the other day a/b Professors from UT, for example, that are having a hard time swallowing the millions spent on coaches salaries there, while professors will soon be out of jobs. Now there’s an article in The Tennessean today where students are petitioning the President to apply for bailout funds from Obama’s stimulus package.

    Should be interesting to see how all of this plays out.