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Tuesday breakfast bits

Feel free to sample to your heart’s content:

  • Who knows what it means over the long haul, but Dan Mullen sure seems to be kicking the Nuttster’s arse on the recruiting trail so far.
  • Brian Cook alert:  not only does DeWayne Walker plan to oversign, he’s bragging about it.
  • When you’ve got open speculation that Randy Shannon may take back the DC reins at Da U as a cost-saving measure, that’s a pretty good indication that Willie Martinez won’t be seeing palm trees in his immediate future.
  • If Auburn sounds a little desperate in its quarterback recruiting these days, that’s probably because it is.
  • College football – still the sport of choice for young rednecks with a degree.
  • I hope Bryan McClendon turns out to be a bargain.  With that starting salary, it shouldn’t be too hard, right?
  • If you need proof that Notre Dame fans are feeling it after that awesome showing in the Hawai’i Bowl, look no further than Bruce Feldman’s mailbag.  At least that guy’s a fan, though.  What’s Matt Hayes’ excuse?


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Vote early and often.

The Wiz has his annual Cheapest Shot of the Season poll up now.  There’s plenty of ugly stuff to peruse.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true cheap shot contest without some Auburn offensive lineman going after an opponent’s knee.   Yep, it’s tradition that makes college football special.


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“This might just be my personal prejudice…”

Ya’ think?

Coming from a member of a fanbase that used to delude itself on a regular basis by insisting that Corey Jenkins was going to win a Heisman Trophy before he left Columbia for a glorious career in the NFL, that’s especially rich.

I have no idea how Stafford’s pro career will turn out, but the idea that he’ll “ruin the franchise” if the Lions draft him is laughable.  The team didn’t win a game last year.  There’s no place to go but up, Stafford or no Stafford.

You’d think a Gamecock fan would understand that.


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“That was a long time ago…”

How’s this for perspective?

The last time the NFL Cardinals won a championship, the star of the game was… Charlie Trippi.  In his rookie season.

That’s some drought.  No wonder he can’t remember too many of the details.

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