I ♥ Joe Cox.

Is this a great quote, or what?

Cox on bringing in more WR talent…
“It would be great to get somebody else in, but like this past week when Cameron Kenney was in, I had watched film on him and seen what he can do, but obviously he had already known where he wanted to go. I’m not going to be the guy that tries to be all in someone’s ear and say you should come here because, and I told him that. We did the meet and greet and all that, and once it got down to it and we started talking about the whole recruiting process, I told him, if this place doesn’t sell itself to you, obviously it’s not the place you want to be. I shouldn’t have to sit here and beg you to come here or say it’s so much fun here because the players do this. I said, if it doesn’t sell itself to you with the coaches and everything around you, if you don’t just get that feel, you should probably be somewhere else. We’re looking for guys that want to play for Georgia, that want to be Bulldogs, that love it here as soon as they set foot on campus. That’s the type of guys we want, and hopefully we can get a few more to come through the door.”

Damn straight.


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  1. GWJS

    I think this is a little naive. Just because a high percentage of our players got “that feeling” when they came to campus for the first time, it doesn’t mean that everyone who doesn’t should be somewhere else. Some kids aren’t wired that way and aren’t going to get “that feeling” anywhere.

    You’ve still gotta sell, still gotta recruit. Dooley used to get complacent after big years in recruiting with this attitude and it ended up showing in subsequent years.

    You can analogize it to Greek rush or corporate recruitment…some don’t assess the opportunity as “you” did your first time…and it might be because they’re not wired that way. That doesn’t mean they don’t have any worth to the organization, and couldn’t learn that loyalty. You think OU took Cox’s attitude? If you’re not careful, you’ll come across as stuck-up and recruits will think you don’t “need” them.

    If we’re spinning things this way routinely, it explains many of the misses we’ve had over the years. And those misses could have learned loyalty. Some kids just don’t bleed any school’s colors just by setting foot on campus.


    • GWJS, I think you and I are reading his comment very differently. I don’t sense any Dooleyesque complacency there.

      Here’s the telling point: “…but obviously he had already known where he wanted to go.”

      The coaches must have realized that, as well. The rumor is that Hill received an offer before Kenney left Athens.

      Besides that, it sounds like they haven’t lost their touch completely yet.


    • Some kids aren’t wired that way and aren’t going to get “that feeling” anywhere.

      Somehow, I get the feeling that wasn’t the issue with Kenney.

      Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina and Southern Mississippi all wanted Cameron Kenney to come play college football for them. But since last May, the only piece of recruiting correspondence Kenney kept in his bedroom back home in Dacula, Ga., was a “we’ve got our eye on you” letter from Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. “Coming from the South, you don’t really hear too much about Oklahoma,” said Kenney, a wide receiver at Garden City (Kan.)


  2. Nice rhetoric for the fans, but ultimately Kenney chose a school where he’ll get one season with a Heisman QB against weaker defenses on a team that only returns a freshman #3 WR at his position.

    I’m sure he liked Georgia and whatever, but Kenney made the correct choice considering he’ll only have 2 years to make a case for the NFL.

    This will still be one of Georgia’s highest-rated classes under Richt though.


  3. I’ll say this: I’ll take a three star Pollack over a (insert 5 star recruit that never panned out and didn’t work as hard in practice and spent X number of years on campus wondering when their name would be called in the NFL draft) any day.

    I agree with Senator. I read it that ol’ Joe was sayin’ some kids come into town just going through the motions. Hence the call to Hill Saturday and the lengthy visit to Hill’s living room.

    And hence the call to Stokes last night.


  4. kckd

    Bernie, I’ll take a five star AJ Green over (write name in) three star WR any day also. We had a good run of three star recruit turn into five star players in Richt’s first three to four years. But it doesn’t happen nearly as often as we like to think and hasn’t much since then.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Some like Hill may know that we are only asking them after being jilted by Kenney or Marlon Brown, or both. Stokes may know too, but he may also think that coming to Georgia, notwithstanding a late offer, will be better for him than being coached by the three-ring circus that has temporarily set up its tents in Knoxville.


  6. The message I’m getting from this is Joe Cox seems to have the fire we’ve been needing in leadership roles. I look forward to seeing what he will bring.


  7. repent the end is near

    I agree with PNWdawg. Im very excited to see what Cox brings to the table.


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  9. Between this and Hale’s blog earlier today, I’m starting to develop quite the man-crush on Joe Cox. Of course, I reserve the right to recant as soon as he tosses his first pick.


  10. cousinwalter

    This is the kind of kid that the Dawgs need to keep around as a graduate assitant. Its this kind of fire and attitude that Georgia could always use more of.


  11. I’ll take that 5 star recruit with the right attitude then work my way down to the 3 star with the right attitude. Maybe its just me, but that’s what I read in the quote from Cox.


  12. Ken

    I’ve always thought that anyone that has visited Athens and our campus and decides to go elsewhere is too stupid to play our game in the first place. (Only somewhat joking).


  13. cousinwalter

    I think I can give the kid a break. Heisman Trophy winning QB returning plus the Sooners graduated a bunch of receivers giving someone of Kenney’s ability a chance to play early. I understand.


  14. ArchDawg

    I’m really, really getting excited about next season. Too bad there’s this interminable time in-between. At least pitchers and catchers report to spring training in a couple of weeks, and baseball is just a little over a month away.


  15. Aligator

    you guys deserve better that that shat … kids these day can be such douchebags …


  16. cousinwalter

    Arch Dawg, I am really excited about next season too. I think it is going to go better than most of the critics expect it to go and it will be more enjoyable to watch without all those pre-season expectations. Those expectations ruined last season for a lot of people. The idea that we have come to the point as a fan base and Georgia as a football program where we can’t be happy with a 10 win season is kind of crazy. How is the Baseball team supposed to do this year?