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They come, they go…

  • Speaking of the latter, be still my heart:  Tuberville and Fulmer, fresh off of being canned, will offer their best second guessing over every working coach’s recruiting class.  Fulmer’s appearance should be the most entertaining, only because CBS is teaming him up with Tom Lemming.  It’ll be interesting to see how Fulmer does with Lemming’s head in his lap.
  • Is there a coach who’s gotten more mileage out of irritating his peers (using the term loosely) in a short period of time than Lane Kiffin?  I’ve got to admit it’s a great sales job – nobody’s talking about that 5-15 record as a head coach, that’s for sure.
  • On the other hand, I would assume that the typical Vol fan would see this as a complete vindication for the hire, so Kiffin’s got that going for him.


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4 responses to “Coaches’ corner

  1. The Realist

    Hello Kiffy ought to bide his time. Much like Finebaum, I’m not buying his “all-star” band of misfit coaches. Kiffykins was terrible at Oakland. I’ll give him a pass there, but he has been roundly discredited at the only line on his resume worth a damn: USC. Orgeron was abhorrent at Ole Miss. Monte isn’t going to do better than Chavis. And, now, after all his chest beating and staff raiding, he has willfully placed a giant bullseye right on his forehead for the rest of the SEC coaches. The only way this turns into a success is if he beats Saban, Meyer, and Richt… regularly.

    Not to say that Tennessee won’t win some games, but I don’t believe he has the rest of the SEC squirming like he thinks he does.


  2. This the league’s opportunity to really bury UT. They have no in-state talent and with all of the borders around them closing them out, a dumpster fire situation by Kiffin could really put them in South Carolina territory for years to come.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Lane sneers and says, “Bring ’em on,” escalating the GWOL (Global War on Lane).


  4. Ally

    You know you’ve got problems when you make Al Davis look sane & rational.

    Good luck to the viles beating floriduh without a quarterback. I wouldn’t set my ipod on a rocky top loop just yet.