Beat that dead horse one more time.

Looking at the final national stats, here’s something to ponder:

Georgia finished 22nd nationally in both total offense and total defense, yet finished 29th in scoring offense and 59th in scoring defense.

Red zone mediocrity (Georgia was 49th in red zone offense; 45th in red zone defense), disappointing special teams and turnover woes (73rd nationally in turnover margin) – fix that crap and you can go a long way towards overcoming the losses of Moreno and Stafford.


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6 responses to “Beat that dead horse one more time.

  1. The Soulcrusher is going to have us in the top 10 nationally in offense next year.


  2. Robert

    What a shame. The redzone playcalling this year was just plain bad, IMO.

    It seemed like Stafford’s arm was being showcased inside the 20 instead of Knowshon Rockwell Moreno’s quickness.


    As for the D–ranked 10th in the SEC in scoring defense and giving up nearly 25 pts/game–I sure hope that will be a focal point our off-season workouts.

    But hey…how ’bout those punt returns?


  3. Aligator

    i agree Robert…


  4. I think next year’s offensive line will go a long way toward remedying those red zone woes. They get Sturdivant back plus everyone else has a year’s worth more experience.

    But the question is… Who will be the hoss that guts out the tough yards? King doesn’t seem like that kind of back…. Thomas, Ealey, Samuel, Jackson?



  5. JL

    The. stat that is most telling is that the offense was second in the SEC in time of possession and the defense was next to last in the conference in yards per play. So despite being the second most rested and fresh defense in the conference, we were still better than only MSU on defense.

    It was not the red zone on defense, it was the defense. Here’s hoping next year is better.


  6. Hackerdog

    I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the play calling in the red zone (i.e. more passing than rushing). But I think that people forget just how bad our offensive line was at run blocking. Most of Moreno’s yards came from outside pitches that work fine at the 40, but not as well at the 14.

    Personally, I think Bobo did a really good job at dealing with his offense’s strengths and weaknesses.