That’s Mr. Honky MOFO to you.

Since the Felton firing has obviously sucked most of the oxygen out of the room, blogospherically speaking, and since I don’t really feel like obsessing over the decision making process of certain seventeen/eighteen year old kids, that makes today a pretty slow news day.

So if you’re starved for something footballish, how about this post from the always detailed Trojan Football Analysis that breaks down the various cover defenses, as well as an introduction as to what sort of reads a college quarterback has to make against each of these coverages.  He goes into what works and what gets exposed with every one of these schemes.

Here’s one example – the Cover 2 zone.

There’s plenty of good insight into the chess game that goes on with each snap.  Besides, you’ll learn what ‘MOFO’ really means if you read it.



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2 responses to “That’s Mr. Honky MOFO to you.

  1. Senator, all due respect, I hope I never get this bored.


  2. DirkDawggler


    It is a bit like High School Latin.