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Yeah, I know this isn’t a basketball blog.

I don’t know what irritates me more – Furman Bisher turning his column into the AJ-C‘s job wanted section for a day, or the number of Georgia fans commenting on the Bisher piece who think that hiring Bobby Knight would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

People, as a general rule of thumb, consider that anything being proposed for any  Georgia sports program in a Furman Bisher column has EPIC FAIL written all over it.  This one isn’t about making Georgia men’s basketball better.  It’s about getting Bobby Knight a new hobby.

If Damon even considers this seriously for more than thirty seconds, I’ll be pissed.  And worried.  About everything.  Including the football program.


UPDATE: Be still, my heart, it’s a twofer!

“To me it’s no contest, if Bobby Knight is interested in Georgia basketball it’s no contest,” Vitale said. “He’s so good I’d come with him as an assistant. I’d be his chauffeur.”

It looks like the circus is coming to town early this year.  Thanks, Furman.



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We have been warned.

There is so much about this piece that is teh awesome that I hardly know where to start – the starbursts over Junior’s new staff, the mild trashing of Fulmer to make Junior look better, the generous sprinkling of scare quotes throughout are all candidates – but I think for any fan of the Tennessee football program to pen this…

And I’m sure Saban, Miles, Meyer, and most everyone else uses every recruiting advantage they can think of, including what is called “negative recruiting,” which is essentially trashing your opponent’s program…

as if they didn’t know what it meant until Junior complained about it takes the cake.  Bootlickers, please.  What orange and white rock have you guys been hiding under for the better part of the last two decades?


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