We have been warned.

There is so much about this piece that is teh awesome that I hardly know where to start – the starbursts over Junior’s new staff, the mild trashing of Fulmer to make Junior look better, the generous sprinkling of scare quotes throughout are all candidates – but I think for any fan of the Tennessee football program to pen this…

And I’m sure Saban, Miles, Meyer, and most everyone else uses every recruiting advantage they can think of, including what is called “negative recruiting,” which is essentially trashing your opponent’s program…

as if they didn’t know what it meant until Junior complained about it takes the cake.  Bootlickers, please.  What orange and white rock have you guys been hiding under for the better part of the last two decades?


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8 responses to “We have been warned.

  1. Ally

    “And we could not be happier about the fact that Kiffin is upsetting so many talking heads around the SEC, and even nationally! That he has been able to do that in such a short amount of time has resulted in Kiffin exceeding our expectations so far…”

    Huh? If this media melodrama Kiffin has created exceeds your expectations then your expectations are a little misplaced. Color me crazy, but I would’ve assumed your “exceeded expectations” would involve winning games, improving your SEC East standing, beating your rivals, competing for the East division title, etc. not this ridiculous media circus.

    But hey maybe after hiring Kiffin UT fans didn’t really expect much at all.


  2. Lious

    I always laugh when people use the “They are talking about us so they are scared” routine

    No, we are talking about you because of your stupidity.


  3. Imarealist

    Southern Cal East? Ask former Southern Cal players what they think of Kiffykins. If he had any participation in rebuilding that program besides a mere spectator, then I have a pet monkey with four asses.

    The decided recruiting advantages that Pete Carroll has at USC are not only absent at Tennessee… they are near exact opposites. (How’s the weather in Knoxville right now compared to Los Angeles? Does Tennessee have Song Girls? What about that local goldmine of high school football talent in East Tennessee?)

    He’ll probably get the second year bounce, as all new coaches in a program are apt to do. When that happens, I hope, like Notre Dame, that they give Hello Kiffy a multi-year deal with a crazy ass buyout that they’ll have to mortgage the program to pay off. Then, when he goes 22-16 over a three-year span, they can crap themselves all over again in the national press.


  4. Tenn_Dawg

    Imarealist…..I so hope your prediction is correct. It does crack me up how people think Kid Kiffin had anything to do with USC’s succcess.


  5. Dog in Fla

    GWOL (Global War on Lane) status:

    Lane still unconcerned that he has created an enemy of every team in SEC without having even played a game against any of them. Lane still unclear on concept of SEC warfare and manners in Deep South.

    SEC Murderer’s Row of Coaches is each planning a special Welcome to Conference game for Lane and Daddy. Al Davis offering free intel if desired.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    They sound more like South Carolina than Southern Cal …


  7. Left to Right

    I like how it took two guys (?) named Jerry (or “Jerre”) to write that little trip to the land of make believe.


  8. Aligator