Mark Bradley discovers the principle of “any given Saturday”.

Mark Bradley breaks out teh stoopid today.

… Rivals has ranked Georgia in its top 10 every year since 2002, and only once (in 2007) has Tech cracked its top 25. Scout has had Georgia in its top 10 every season save one since 2004, and over that span it placed Tech ahead of Georgia only in 2007. And yet Tech, at last check, beat Georgia 45-42 on Nov. 29.

If you were a signee in 2004, you’d have been a redshirt senior in 2008. If recruiting is all-important and Georgia had outrecruited Tech four of those five years — five of five, according to Rivals — how did the Jackets manage to stay on the same field with the Bulldogs in any of those seasons, let alone actually win a game?

Is it worth even bothering to point out that the win for Tech broke a seven game losing streak?  Exactly what does Bradley attribute that to?

Jeez, Bradley, I know you AJ-C guys troll for responses, but couldn’t you bother to be at least a little subtle about it?


UPDATE: I missed this in the comments.

By Mark Bradley

February 2, 2009 9:59 AM | Link to this

If you’d outrecruited your in-state rival by such a large margin every year save one since 2002 — and if recruiting is the key measure of a program — shouldn’t you have built up a talent base that would have rendered you impregnable?

That’s my point, pretty much. That’s my logic, however twisted it seems.

So, is this a case of cynical pandering or is he truly a moron?  You decide.



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7 responses to “Mark Bradley discovers the principle of “any given Saturday”.

  1. Siskey

    Awesome. I guess this is just further confirmation by the AJC that Tech and Paul Johnson are on the cusp of dominating UGA from here on out. I remember reading something similar to this in 2006 before Tech lost to us.


  2. Richt-Flair

    He really, really didn’t think that one through.


  3. dean

    I’m assuming he knows this is a rivalry game and as such all applicable logic or rules don’t apply. In addition every once in a while a lesser team will pull an upset. That’s why we have the term upset.

    How did Oregon St. beat USC? How did Louisiana Monroe beat Alabama? Etc, etc….


  4. 81Dog

    1998. 2008. I wonder if Tech can make it 3 in a row in 2018?

    Pepper Rodgers came into Athens as an underdog with his first triple option team. The weather was miserable. Tech not only beat us, they dominated us, and won without so much as attempting a single forward pass. I think it was 34-17, but it wasn’t that close.

    Well. You’d think the world had ended. 10 years of getting their ass kicked by the Dooley regime? Over. Done. Finito. Pepper had put the sting back in, and by God, NOW UGA was going to grovel at THEIR feet for a while. Except that next year, at the Joke, UGA was up 42-0 in the 3rd quarter before Coach Dooley let off the gas. Unfortunately for Tech people, Coach Dooley didnt seem to intend to just roll over for them.

    Tech people get all giddy a couple of times a decade when they manage a rare win. They obsess about us 365 days a year. Something tells me Coach Richt isnt going to just lie down and sob every November the week before the Tech game. Tech beat us this year, so they have the right to crow, but anyone who thinks we havent dominated them the last 40 years is just out of his mind.

    as for next year? See you at the Joke, nerds. Save for the 99 blown call fiasco, Tech hasnt beaten us at the Joke since Bobby Ross (another savior) was lisping up and down the sidelines. Since 1980, Tech has beaten us in Atlanta a grand total of 3 times (one 13 man goal line stand in 1984, one true butt whoopin’ in 1989, and the blown call in 1999). What would Mark Bradley call that, I wonder?


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  6. bulldoginexile

    Any chance it is both?


  7. Robert

    Even a blind squirrel…