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One more Joe Cox quote

From David Hale’s blog today, per Mark Richt:

“I talked to him in the weight room. Everybody was in there working and I just kind of got in his ear, and I was like, ‘Joe, I really believe in you. I know you can get it done.’ I talked about a guy I had at Florida State named Peter Tom Willis, who waited until his senior year — and of course, we talked about Shockley going through the very same thing. We talked about Peter Tom for a minute, and I said, ‘You know, Pete waited til his fifth year before he got to play, and he broke every passing record that we had at Florida State.’ Joe said, ‘Coach, I’m not worried about passing records. I’m worried about winning games.’ That’s the kind of guy you want.”

If Joe plays as well as he talks, I get the feeling they’ll be fine this year.


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“If there’s anybody that needs to be making money off of me, it needs to be the person that’s put the time in.”

Meet Brian Butler, hustler extraordinaire:

… Butler, a former rapper and cellphone call-center manager, is among a new breed of entrepreneurs inserting themselves into college football recruiting. Some say he is navigating gray areas of N.C.A.A. rules and brokering his clients’ futures for personal gain. Others say he is providing his clients with exposure they would not normally receive by leveraging connections he has made during the recruitment of the Brown brothers to create a market for lesser players.

At 5 feet 8 inches and 350 pounds, he was known as Big B during his rap career. He said he once opened for Ludacris during a tour stop at Kansas Coliseum, although that could not be verified. He has worked numerous jobs, including as a telemarketer and as an employee at a liquor store.

Money has long been an issue, he said, and he has spent years fending off bill collectors. In 1997, he was arrested in a forgery case and pleaded guilty to a felony charge, which he said had since been expunged from his record. A state tax warrant was filed last year for his failure to pay $983.75, which Butler said he had since settled.

He said he has never asked a coach or a university for money, but he also said he did not vet every donor to his nonprofit organization.

As  you can guess, it’s a helluva story.  Almost nothing this guy claims could be verified.  But he’s got kids and schools at his beck and call.  And how this guy can do this without being called an agent is beyond me:

… Butler said he would explore the possibility of Brown’s skipping college and going to the Canadian Football League next season if approached by a team. He mentioned the idea of a team paying Brown $5 million a year for three years. But the salary cap for entire C.F.L. teams is $4.2 million Canadian.

“If they were talking about any amount of real money,” Butler said, “I’d guarantee it.”

This is the saddest quote, though.

“Recruiting for college football is obviously changing,” Prince said in a telephone interview. “It’s become much more like the basketball model. When that happens, you then have people who are intermediaries like this gentleman is.”

That can’t be good.


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What’s wrong with Strong?

In addition to being the bane of Georgia’s existence as a defensive coordinator at Florida and South Carolina for a good number of years now, Charlie Strong is very well regarded as a recruiter.

And yet guys with relatively unimpressive resumes, like Kiffin and Chizik, get the head coach openings, while Strong doesn’t even merit some serious consideration?

I really don’t get it.  I really don’t.


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Ladies and gentlemen, your GTP recruit of the year is…

Miller Grove WR Stephen Hill.  No matter where he signs, he’s already made himself an Internet legend.

And in saying that, I’m not picking on the kid because he can’t make up his mind between Georgia and Georgia Tech.  It’s a big decision, the biggest one he’s ever made.

It’s just that I love anyone who can make the Jacket fan base look this neurotic.  And he should be a reminder to everyone out there (Georgia fans included) that perhaps it’s best to withhold judgment about a kid’s character and ability until all the precincts have reported in, so to speak.

Good job, Stephen.  I wish you the best wherever you wind up.


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More recruiting stuff

A few last minute articles to check out before the faxes start coming in:

  • Georgia Tech’s Giff Smith is a good recruiter who survived the transition from Gailey to Johnson.  He’s got a Q & A up at the AJ-C which goes into that a little bit, and then proceeds to discuss what kind of kids the Jackets look for these days to fit in the triple option.  Good read.
  • Say what you will about him, but Urban Meyer is a helluva fine talent evaluator.  What’s gone on at Utah tells you that.
  • And the opposite of Utah?  Notre Dame, baby.
  • Mike Leach on an early signing day:

“I think it takes away from the season,” he said. “I think that you have recruiting so that you can play games and if you’re going to go cloud that with an early signing period, it takes away from the game. It’s pretty good the way it is now.”

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