Ladies and gentlemen, your GTP recruit of the year is…

Miller Grove WR Stephen Hill.  No matter where he signs, he’s already made himself an Internet legend.

And in saying that, I’m not picking on the kid because he can’t make up his mind between Georgia and Georgia Tech.  It’s a big decision, the biggest one he’s ever made.

It’s just that I love anyone who can make the Jacket fan base look this neurotic.  And he should be a reminder to everyone out there (Georgia fans included) that perhaps it’s best to withhold judgment about a kid’s character and ability until all the precincts have reported in, so to speak.

Good job, Stephen.  I wish you the best wherever you wind up.


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3 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, your GTP recruit of the year is…

  1. peacedog

    We had some similarly neurotic freak outs last night you know where. I swear some people. . .


  2. Hackerdog

    Hill signed with Tech this morning. Who knows whether he was playing games or truly wavering. Either way, I hope he doesn’t second guess himself playing for a team whose two leading receivers last year combined for 47 catches. Then again, Calvin Johnson’s NFL prospects weren’t damaged by playing with Reggie Ball, so anything is possible.

    Good luck Stephen.


  3. Cue the UGAy, UGAg, and thUGA references over at the AJC in three, two, one…