More recruiting stuff

A few last minute articles to check out before the faxes start coming in:

  • Georgia Tech’s Giff Smith is a good recruiter who survived the transition from Gailey to Johnson.  He’s got a Q & A up at the AJ-C which goes into that a little bit, and then proceeds to discuss what kind of kids the Jackets look for these days to fit in the triple option.  Good read.
  • Say what you will about him, but Urban Meyer is a helluva fine talent evaluator.  What’s gone on at Utah tells you that.
  • And the opposite of Utah?  Notre Dame, baby.
  • Mike Leach on an early signing day:

“I think it takes away from the season,” he said. “I think that you have recruiting so that you can play games and if you’re going to go cloud that with an early signing period, it takes away from the game. It’s pretty good the way it is now.”


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