One more Joe Cox quote

From David Hale’s blog today, per Mark Richt:

“I talked to him in the weight room. Everybody was in there working and I just kind of got in his ear, and I was like, ‘Joe, I really believe in you. I know you can get it done.’ I talked about a guy I had at Florida State named Peter Tom Willis, who waited until his senior year — and of course, we talked about Shockley going through the very same thing. We talked about Peter Tom for a minute, and I said, ‘You know, Pete waited til his fifth year before he got to play, and he broke every passing record that we had at Florida State.’ Joe said, ‘Coach, I’m not worried about passing records. I’m worried about winning games.’ That’s the kind of guy you want.”

If Joe plays as well as he talks, I get the feeling they’ll be fine this year.


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11 responses to “One more Joe Cox quote

  1. Robert


    Three cheers for Joe Cox.

    GATA Joe.


  2. John

    atta-boy Red!


  3. The Ginger Assassin is slowly becoming my favorite player on this team. He says all the right things. Hopefully his play matches his candor. If so, I don’t think QB is as big a concern next year as we once though.


  4. NM

    “That’s the kind of guy you want.”



  5. I’m liking me some Ginger Joe.


  6. Sparrow

    “If Joe plays as well as he talks, I get the feeling they’ll be fine this year.”

    Completely true, but I’m starting to worry that this guy is setting us all up for something unpleasant. One might speculate that, given the loss of KRM and Stafford, we are looking a little too hard for something to lift us up. Cox is certainly saying everything right, but the counter to the Senator’s quote above is that when comparing actions to words, we’re often dissapointed. I’m not trying to hate or kill the season before it starts, but it might be worth tempering our view of Cox until he actually plays a game or two.


  7. Aligator

    Exactly, he really gives a damn about UGA


  8. heytogoober

    Good point, Sparrow … You might be right that we’re feeling kind of down and licking our balls, I mean wounds, after last season.

    Still, Damn. Good. Dog!


  9. Ben W


    I think that the expectations are still pretty low for Joe next season in general. We’ve always known that the kid can talk… “If we can’t score on this drive, we don’t deserve to have ‘G’s on our helmets” ring a bell? The fact of the matter is that he’s bringing the attitude that we all love. Even if he’s not great, or even good, I still won’t think of him as a “let down.” But he’s got a good arm and a good head on his shoulders and I think he’ll take his lumps and be fine.


  10. Sparrow

    Of course he’s a DGD and I’m not doubting the attitude. Please don’t interpret it as a knock; I’m just a little worried we’re getting ahead of ourselves…


  11. Macallanlover

    Maybe I put too much emphasis on attitude and team play, but I feel that is exactly what works well with a CMR product. And I am not slighting Cox’s athleticism either, because he has always been ready (and delivered) when called upon.

    We will not know until 2-3 games into the season, but I am optimistic for other reasons. Number one, Richt offered this guy on the spot when he came down and camped with us so he saw something “live” that didn’t come across when viewing tapes or reading stats. Secondly, all reports are positive regarding his accurarcy which was MS’s weakest area. I cannot remember the number of open receivers Staff missed in his career especially when they were going away from him on fly routes. True, he did make some throws on deep down and outs Cox will probably never make, and he did a nice job on crossing routes. But I would love to make the “easy” throws as much as the exceptional ones. We have receivers that will be able to get open next year, we just need someone to find them, and get it close to them. Too often over the past two years that did not happen. I don’t mean to stir a controversy with MS supporters, just stating why I feel it is realistic to expect our QB play to be just as good next year. Lastly, and this ties into the previous point, our OL in 2009 should be able to allow JC the time to find the open guy. Perhaps being rushed expalins part of the reason for Staff’s misses to open guys, but regardless of who was at fault, things may surprise us to the upside in 2009 at QB. Add to that his unselfishness and staying with us similar to DJ before him, and we have reason to be positive.