Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

What is it with noob coaches bitching about negative recruiting these days?

Now it’s Rich Rodriguez and his staff who are whining.

… “There’s more and more negative recruiting all across the board than there’s ever been,” coach Rich Rodriguez said. “There’s always been some, but to the level to which they go now is probably heightened, and I think it’s because of the coaches feeling that they have to do that to get a young man. I don’t think you have to.”

Michigan quarterbacks coach Rod Smith , who played a key role in much of the recruiting, said he experienced a great deal of negative recruiting.

“It’s sad, it really is, but at the same time it’s out there,” he said. “It’s some people’s tactics. To me, if you’ve got to bash someone, you’re hiding something you don’t want to reveal.”

Smith offered some examples of negative recruiting.

• “Everybody talks about the weather — that got worn out.”

The best thing about this?  The weather really did suck this year for recruits.

The weather failed to cooperate during some of Michigan’s key recruiting weekends.

“It seemed like every weekend we had here in January, it was either the record coldest January or biggest snowfall in January,” coach Rich Rodriguez said. “A couple of (the recruits), I told them, ‘Can you believe it snowed here in Ann Arbor? Its the first time in five years in January.’ I don’t think they believed me.”

Can you believe it snowed here in Ann Arbor? In January?  What was he telling kids before he got them to take their visits – that it was just like south Florida without the palm trees?



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3 responses to “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

  1. Look at how many florida kids were in his class. That’s why the weather was such a big deal to them.

    Also check out how few Michigan kids he got vs MSU. He has a very weird class.


  2. Actually, you could probably cut Rodriguez a little bit of slack for his weather frustration. It’s been the worst winter of the three I’ve spent up here by a mile and a half and the lifers are telling me it’s the worst in at least a decade.

    As for the weird raiding Florida thing, Rodriguez loves him some little fast buggers in the White/Slaton mold. There’s definitely a lot more of them in places like Pahokee than there are in Kalamazoo.


    • Maybe so, Jerry, but I remember all those times I used to go see the Tigers during spring training. Before the start of every game, the PA announcer would get up and tell the crowd the local temperature and the temperature in Detroit. I can never remember it being less than a forty degree spread. And that was in mid-March. I can’t imagine it’s much balmier in November.