PO’d in Pahokee

Well, Junior and the Vol faithful may not care about what anybody in the SEC is saying about Kiffin, but there’s still the little matter of what the good folks in Pahokee, Florida think about Junior’s remarks.  And right now, they ain’t too happy.

In an effort to prove it knows how to use a fax machine, the city of Pahokee is preparing to send a formal complaint to the University of Tennessee regarding the recent comments made by Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin. Here’s a copy of that letter. CLICK ME!!

Pahokee coach Blaze Thompson said the letter will be faxed, mailed and emailed to just about every important person in Knoxville. Thompson called Tennessee athletics director Mike Hamilton on Friday but hasn’t heard back. Thompson also called SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

“You can’t do this to somebody,” Thompson said. “It’s not right.”

Meanwhile, instead of wallowing in the mud by firing back at Junior, Urban Meyer did something far better with his time.

Kiffin’s rivals are taking advantage of his recruiting mistakes. Florida coach Urban Meyer called Thompson on Saturday morning just to touch base.

“He wanted to know if Florida did anything wrong in recruiting Nu’Keese,” Thompson said. “He also wanted to make sure Florida and Pahokee maintained a professional and ethical relationship.”

This is a perfect example of why Junior is doomed.  It’s not that guys like Meyer and Saban aren’t bastards in their own right.  They are, of course.  But they’re smart bastards.  A helluva lot smarter than Junior’s proven to be out of the gate.

By the way, UT fans – Kiffin may not be skeered of his fellow SEC coaches, but he’s a little uneasy about this high school coach.

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin called Pahokee coach Blaze Thompson on Saturday and apologized for the statement’s made about the Palm Beach County high school during a Tennessee booster function on Thursday. Pahokee is still awaiting a public apology by Kiffin.

Not that that matters too much.

Thompson said that Pahokee’s formal letter of complaint will still be sent to the Southeastern Conference and the University of Tennessee.



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15 responses to “PO’d in Pahokee

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    Senator……it is amazing how immature Kiffin is showing himself to be and even more amazing is that the Vol Nation is just eating it up.

    First he insults Marlon and his family by saying he did not choice UT because his grandmama would not let him. That is essentially calling Marlon a mama’s boy in public. Second he goes on about how this class is not up to standards. Well that should make the guys that signed LOI feel good. Then he goes in great detail how he and his team went on a super secret stealth mission to steal a recruit and he basically admits to telling Nu’kesse to lie to his coach and ESPN. All the while he is insulting a town that is rather rural and has a high population of lower income people. He describes it has a place were people walk around without shoes and shirts and insinuates that it is not safe to venture into without a black coach. It maybe true but you don’t go around using it as a punch line. And finally it is full circle to your posts about the faxing abilities of the schools administration.

    This guy really is the immature silver spoon little $hit that Al Davis said he was.


  2. Robert

    Anyone that can make Al Davis look sane has got to have a few screws loose.

    Amazing. Truly amazing.


  3. S.E. Dawg

    His mouth is sinking in the depths and will eventually cause the whole vessel to implode. By vessel I mean Tenn. football. He better get a grip and a clue really soon.


  4. SLH

    You know what?

    F Kiffin. F Tennesse.

    And most of all, FCK THE FLORIDA GATORS.


  5. Aligator

    come on UT is the real enemy here. Douchebaggers of america is what they are!


  6. Ally

    Am I the only one who sees similarities in the train wreck that is Kiffin and the train wreck that was & still is Bobby Knight?


  7. kckd


    You, I and everyone else that Kiffin is not the train wreck Bob Knight was and still is. He got into some off court trouble, but he also won more games than anyone in college basketball history, made multiple trips to the final four, won three NCAA championships and coached an undefeated team.


  8. kckd

    According to Florida varsity, a high school recruiting web site not affiliated with any of the universities in the state, he’s called and apologized to both the coach and the principal. The guy reporting on it said expect a more public apology to be forth coming.

    Maybe he is wising up.

    Damn, just damn. I know he’s young, but how stupid.


  9. SLH

    No Aligator. Florida is the enemy. In any situation, any sport, anytime – FL is our enemy.

    UT is pathetically obnoxious, but the gators are the single, most important hurdle that GA needs to overcome. Possibly the most important in the history of our athletics program.


  10. Yeah, Bobby Knight was/is an obnoxious asshole, but at least he won some games. A lot of games.

    But Kiffin is showing his ass and pissing people off right and left without having ever won anything of note as a head coach, or in the SEC period. In the words of The Smiths, “You just haven’t earned it yet, baby.”


  11. Ally

    True, I wasn’t referring to Bobby’s record though. Personally I don’t give a damn how many games he’s own – it doesn’t excuse the fact that he is & was a train wreck. Choking kids, creating a media circus everywhere he goes with that big, foul mouth of his, the arrogance, the defiance w/ University Admin, leaving a school in the middle of the season, etc.

    Just seems like both “men” enjoy creating a PR nightmare as much, if not more, than they do succeeding as a coach.

    I have to wonder if the same UGA fans that are laughing at the embarrassing mess Kiffin continues to make at UT will continue to laugh when Knight (if hired) creates an embarrasing mess at UGA. Somehow I think not.

    And we all know Knight hasn’t suddenly decided to change his ways & conduct himself in the manner to which CMR does.


  12. cousinwalter

    I think Lane Kiffin actually thinks that these public scenes are beneficial- as in he is planning to make a complete ass out of himself with these comments- “If I say something controversial its good for us,” Theory. I think he really is that stupid.


    • I can’t speak for Kiffin on that, but based on what I’ve seen posted on the Vol message boards the past few days, I’d certainly have to say that’s the working theory for most of the Tennessee fan base.


  13. The crazy thing, Senator, is the Vol fan base appears to be eating it up like it’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Complete allegiance.