Stacy Searels speaks. Really. Check the tape.

David Paschall is ‘da man.  Not only does he have an interview with Coach Searels, he gets him on audio, to boot.

If you read his piece, it turns out that Searels has added the title and responsibility of “running game coordinator” to his job description.  My feeling is that anything you bring under Searels’ control is going to be golden, so I’m definitely down with it.

In fact, does anyone know if Coach Searels has any special teams coaching experience?  Just saying…


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  1. 69Dawg

    I know it’s not right to have a man crush on a coach but what would have happened the last two years without CSS. I can’t think of it without full body shakes. The man can flat coach the OL. Baring the Bataan like injuries of this year, we should be awesome for the foreseeable future.