Michael Lemon moving on?

UGASports.com is reporting that Steve Spurrier has invited Michael Lemon to walk on at South Carolina.

Lemon, as you might recall, had to deal with the horrible tragedy of his mother’s murder, but then found himself kicked off the Georgia football team after being arrested for felony battery.  He’s been at GMC for the last year.

The story is lacking in certain details, the primary one missing being whether or not he’s been told he has a chance to make it back to Athens.  In any event, I hope he’s been able to turn things around for himself.  Getting a second chance like he’s being offered is a rare thing.


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11 responses to “Michael Lemon moving on?

  1. Ally

    Hmm. I’m a little torn about this one. I read recently in the Red & Black that Michael had scholly offers at several schools, I believe 1 was an ACC school & another was from a school in the Big East.

    Is it okay to play for a yearly rival in the same division & conference? CMR, like the good man that he is, goes out of his way to help each of our players. Michael Lemon was certainly no exception. He set up a fund to assist Michael & his brother after his mother was murdered. Then he arranged for Michael to continue his education & playing career away from UGA when Michael got arrested (on 2 separate occasions, 1 on a felony battery charge).

    Just seems like a bit of a slap to transfer to SCUm, when there are other offers, and especially after all UGA (espcially CMR & the fans) have done for him.

    I pray he finishes his degree & I hope he gets a chance to play again. More importantly, I hope he’s able to avoid jail-time for his charges & continues his counseling. It will just suck to see him suit up with a team that’s a hard-fought opponent in our division.

    And as a defensive end, no less. Like we’re still not in desperate need of those. Ugh.

    On the other hand, its just another reason why CMR is a point of pride at UGA. This is the antithesis of how Randy Shannon handled the Marve situation, for sure.


  2. cousinwalter

    You really thought Michael Lemon was coming back to Athens? This is the University of Georgia, not Miami or FSU. Its probably for the best that he signs somewhere else.
    A few years ago, CMR helped Jamar Bryant get scholly at Mississippi State after the UGA compliance office would not let him in. He called Croom to personally recommend him. The kid has done all right for himself in Starksville.


  3. JasonC

    I think you example of Bryant actually makes Ally’s point; Miss St isn’t a team UGA regularly plays in the SEC East.
    Maybe he could help Lemon get on with Diddy Bowden, at least then he has a chance of helping to beat Florida or Tech.


  4. Ally

    Its not a question if Michael can return. He burned that bridge when he got arrested outside St Mary’s while on suspension from the University. Hale confirmed this as well.

    I was just lamenting the fact that he seems to have decided to go to an East rival. That really sux.

    I also think its odd that he would give up a scholarship offer at NC State to walk-on at SCUm. I assume this means he’s respnsible for the financial obligations of his education (including out-of-state fees)? I can’t help but wonder if the trustfund set up by UGA & supported by UGA fans will be used to pay his way at SCUm.


    • Its not a question if Michael can return. He burned that bridge when he got arrested outside St Mary’s while on suspension from the University. Hale confirmed this as well.

      This article by Kendall indicates that MR was keeping an open mind. That’s why I wonder if Lemon’s been told that the road back to Athens is still closed to him.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    I think it would suck bigtime, but then again, I’m not as magnanimous as Mark Richt.


  6. dean

    While I don’t agree with his decision to play for the gamecocks I am glad to see he’s at least headed in the right direction. Now I know Columbia is not what many, if any, of us would consider a step in right direction but hopefully for Lemon it works out.


  7. Ally

    Yeah, but remember that was written (in July) before Lemon was arrested again outside St. Mary’s the night of the bar brawl. When he was arrested again at St. Mary’s, it was after his suspension by the University. Under the rules of the suspension he cannot be re-arrested and be accepted again for admission. There is not a way that Lemon can return to UGA in the next year, and even after a year the chances of readmission are slim to none. That ship has sailed.


  8. cousinwalter

    It’s unfortunate that Lemon signed with South Carolina but sometimes that is how it happens. I don’t thing you should restrict where a kid goes once you kick him off the team.
    I thought it was a little unfair what Randy Shannon did to QB Robert Marve at Miami basically restricting him from every ACC and every SEC school except us and South Carolina. Hypothetically speaking, if you were to get fired from your job, you would not want your former employer to restrict where you seek future employment.

    I do remember in July when CMR said he was going to “keep an open mind” about Lemon’s chances of rejoining the team but it seamed like he was saying just for political reasons. Whenever you kick a kid off the team it has the PR potential of blowing up in your face if you don’t handle it correctly. I just thought that that was what CMR was doing by saying “I will keep an open mind.”


  9. I certainly hope he can pull his life together, he has at least one younger sibling that I know of who will need his support and guidance. I think his situation has probably worked out for the best.

    He has certainly experienced apt punishment for his actions, but he still has a chance to redeem himself on a big stage. Does anyone know if he lost a year of eligibility?

    However it works out. I hope that he has a fantastic year minus one game and is able to move on with his life in a positive way. I have heard good things about him as a person from the people who were involved in the donation drive a few years ago.

    I can’t imagine having my mom taken from me in such a horrible way. So I understand him channeling that frustration in some sort of negative way, but there is a point where if you don’t turn that behavior around, this world will chew you up and spit you out… usually in prison.

    Lets hope this ends up more like a Warrick Dunn Story.