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Jim Boeheim can’t believe college football is popular.

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist posting this:

— Boeheim said Syracuse was worthy of being No. 1, but he said there are five or six that are good enough to be in the top spot. That being said, Boeheim said that a team other than those five or six could win the title. That’s why the NCAA Tournament is so fantastic. Boeheim thinks that the field of 64 should expand. He said there will be 10 teams left out of the Big Dance that could win at least two games in the Tournament.

— Dan asked Boeheim if he liked the BCS. “There’s only one sport in college that doesn’t have a playoff system,” Boeheim said. “It’s kind of hard to believe it’s one of our two biggest sports.” Boeheim thinks a college football playoff system would be great.

Yeah, but would it be fantastic?



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Rust never sleeps.

And neither does Phil Steele, apparently.

If you head over to his site, he’s got tons of new info up.  The best thing he’s done is create team pages that include last season’s box scores and individual player stats.

Even better, he’s gone back and put up game recaps for the past eight season, as well as year by year results and team statistics for the past twenty seasons.  Here’s the link to Georgia’s page.  While you’re looking around, take a peek at the ’92 schedule and team stats and tell me how that team managed to lose two games.

One other handy thing he’s done is to provide the ’09 schedules for all D-1 teams with the added feature that if you click on a team’s opponent, you’ll see a statistical breakdown of all the meetings between the two over the last twelve years.  For an example, click here to see the stats from the Georgia-South Carolina meetings over that time period.


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Kiffin watch: because you want it.

Admit it – you’re just like most of us who won’t admit that out of the corner of our eye we check out that car accident that we drive by on the freeway.

So it is with Tennessee football these days.  You can’t help but look, right?

Here are a few tidbits for this morning.

  • In Pahokee, they’re still waiting for that public apology.  And as much as Junior is ready for that to go away, he’s going to have to deal with it in one form or fashion for this simple reason:  Thompson sends upwards of a dozen kids to play Division I college football every year, and is stacked with another crop of prospects for 2010, including receiver De’Joshua Johnson, who has already received an offer from Florida.
  • One other thing about Tennessee’s recruitment of Richardson that isn’t sitting well with Pahokee’s coach is that they went around him to recruit the kid.  “It was offensive to me that they didn’t show the courtesy of calling. The recruiting aspect of it, as long as they’re not breaking rules and bashing somebody, I don’t have anything to say to them. But they damn sure should come through and say, ‘Hey I’m Coach Gran. I’m recruiting your player.’”
  • Paul Finebaum thinks it’s already time for Tennessee to cut its losses.
  • And SI.com’s Andy Staples scores with the analogy of the day.

… The more I thought about Kiffin’s performance Thursday, the more it reminded me of watching professional wrestling as a kid. To hype a big pay-per-view match, the combatants would grab the mike each broadcast and boast at one another. The more outrageous their statements, the more likely I was to try to watch the match through the scrambled signal, because my mom wasn’t about to let me spend $19.95 to watch wrasslin’. In 30 seconds Thursday, Kiffin did what no recruiting class ever could. He inserted Tennessee into the national conversation…


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You know the economy sucks when…

Jeremy Foley is contemplating cutbacks at Florida.

I give him credit for one thing, though.  How many times lately have you seen a sports program have a very successful year and not raise ticket prices the following season?

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