Kiffin watch: the legend of Junior

Quite an amazing article on Lane Kiffin in Sports Illustrated.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

1.  The reason he took the Raiders job was to polish his resume.

… Before his time in Oakland, where he produced a 5–15 record, Kiffin had coordinated Pete Carroll’s offense and recruiting program at USC, and he’d always planned to return to college football. Even as a high school quarterback in Bloomington, Minn., where he called his own plays, and later as a seldom-used backup at Fresno State, where he surrendered his last year of eligibility to help coach the offense, Kiffin had dreamed of leading a big-time college program. Davis might or might not have succeeded in raising questions about Kiffin’s character, but hiring him in the first place allowed him to include head coaching experience on his résumé, a prerequisite at some schools.

“Lane took that job because, as he told me, it’s hard to get a good college job unless you’ve been a head coach somewhere,” says Monte. “He’d been spoiled at Southern Cal, and the only job he wanted was a head job at a big school. He didn’t have any interest in working his way up at small schools.”

2.  Addition by subtraction.

… Only a few weeks after accepting the job, Kiffin was already crowing about the coaches he’d stolen from rival schools in the Southeastern Conference. He called it addition by subtraction. “I could’ve gone to places like Oregon and Michigan and found great coaches to hire, but that’s only addition to us,” he explains. “By finding them at SEC schools and taking them away, that’s addition by subtraction.”

“I have to play Alabama every year,” Kiffin says. “I basically stole their best guy. I have to play South Carolina. I took their best guy. I took Mississippi State’s. Ed Orgeron was going to be LSU’s recruiting coordinator. I went and got him. I also got Eddie Gran—he’s the coach who recruited players like Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown for Auburn. I like to joke that we’d have the best recruiting class in the country right now if I’d spent as much time recruiting players as I’ve spent recruiting coaches.”

3.  Junior is underpaid.  By a lot.  By choice.

… Kiffin is making $2 million a year, a salary that ranks him seventh or eighth among the 12 SEC head coaches, says Mike Hamilton, Tennessee’s men’s athletic director. Kiffin might’ve negotiated a wage closer to the $4 million that Nick Saban earns at Alabama or the $3.65 million that Meyer made last year at Florida, but he agreed to accept less if the university budgeted more to pay for his assistants.

I’m getting tired of posting about the guy, but it’s impossible not to react viscerally to crap like this.

And if Mike Hamilton went into the job negotiation truly believing that Junior was worth $3-4 million a year, he’s the most incompetent AD in the country.

I do like finding out whom Layla Kiffin was named after, though.


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16 responses to “Kiffin watch: the legend of Junior

  1. Siskey

    What an interesting article. I grow more and more amazed that Tennessee hired him. As a Georgia fan it will be exciting to watch thie unfold.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    “Layla I’m begging darling please” – Clapton

    By asking for less money so he could spend more on assisstants he basically is saying he has no clue what he’s doing and will need a group of assisstants to tell him what to do every day.


    • By asking for less money so he could spend more on assisstants…

      I doubt that’s what happened. My guess is that his sales pitch was more like “Mike, you can go spend $3-4 million a year on a head coach like Alabama and Florida are doing, or you can get me and my dad for the same amount of money.”


  3. Joe

    This guy is essentially the Paris Hilton of college football. I am afraid that, because of his youth, he will insert himself into CFB discussions for a long time, despite his total ineptitude.


  4. Prov

    I think Rodney Garners comments about CMR after he turned down UT may say more about Coach Kitten than I thought at the time.


  5. Heyberto

    The Addition by Subtraction entry above astonishes, baffles and amazes. He’s more concerned about disrupting other teams’ staffs, rather than put together a staff he feels is best to win with. Not that these guys aren’t talented, but who knows if they can all work together with all those egos. But ultimately, this guy is certifiable.


  6. Heyberto

    Oh.. and prov, you’re dead on. I think Rodney had to see the risk that Kiffen presents. You’d get paid, but you may not have any longevity. Kiffin is a huge risk. It might pay off, but from what I know about Rodney Garner, he wouldn’t want to be associated with such a controversial figure.


  7. Aligator

    Yes, he tried so hard to take Billy Gonzalez from UF , calling him over and over, even after Urban told him to cool it. I guess he though if he got all the recruiters together they would get him the best player? He can not coach, he has officially become a c#*@sucker!


  8. Lil Kiffies antics almost make me feel bad for the truly good UT folks. Almost. I read somewhere there is a big emphasis in their athletic complex now on all the players that have gone on to NFL careers and how that is the main focus of the program now. To the degree that a lot of the pics are of those players, rendering UT’s long collegiate history to the back seat. That’s some bad joo-joo there mon.


    • It’s even better than that, supposedly. They don’t just have pictures of UT players that have gone on to the NFL; they’ve also got pictures of kids coached by members of the current staff when they were at other schools who’ve gone on to the NFL on display.


  9. Wow, it sounds like UT has everything: Plenty of money, a stable of top-notch assistants, a terrific recruiting class, a solid foundation of heritage and resources . . . everything, that is, except a head coach who’s proven he can win.

    And if I were a a Vol, the fact that Kiffin’s own wife is saying stuff like “Trust me when I tell you this, he can get you to jump off a cliff” would scare the bejeezus out of me.


  10. peacedog

    I like how that article has barely contained tidal waves of gush.


  11. So his wife is named after a woman who is immortalized for cheating on her husband? Seems like that would been a subtle warning, one of a multitude Lane seems to have missed in his short life.

    And he needed his daddy to introduce him to her? Jesus, when Lane takes a piss, does he need Monte to shake his pecker for him?


  12. Ben

    What a douche. He was on the phone the whole time his child was being born? WTF


  13. Aligator

    douchetard, by the way, his wife went to UF. I am sure she is either dumb as a brick or shallow as a swamp.


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