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Was that really necessary?

Well, this sucks.

ESPN’s released its 2009 Thursday night college football schedule, and not only did Mark Richt not get his Christmas wish that Georgia play Okie State on the first Thursday night of the season to have a couple of extra days to prepare for South Carolina, it turns out that that opening night will feature a matchup of NC State hosting… South Carolina.



UPDATE: On the bright side, Doc Saturday is reporting that Oklahoma State is running out of receivers.



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Georgia Tech’s bang for the buck

With all the money we see thrown around by SEC athletic directors of late, it’s easy to forget how the other half lives sometimes.  Times aren’t so flush on the Flats these days.  Evidently you can’t cut the fan enthusiasm with a knife.

– Basketball ticket sales are about $275,000 below projections at Georgia Tech, where athletic director Dan Radakovich says he is heading an exhaustive analysis of ways to cut spending.

Radakovich says his and other athletic departments must make some of the same painful decisions as businesses and other parts of the university, with endowments and state aid dropping.

“It’s going to be different,” Radakovich said. “We must be able to understand when you look around the region and you see the number of layoffs and cutbacks that corporations are having, what would make one think that we would be immune? We’re not.”

And remember, according to most Techies, these are the glory times for the football program.  45-42, 45-42, 45-42, yada, yada, yada.  Still, it’s gotta be tough for  Radakovich chasing that entertainment dollar when he has to compete with the likes of DragonCon for the attention of his fan base.  How much of a shortfall will there be when the next losing streak starts?


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Kiffin watch: Mike Hamilton rationalizes.

Shorter (UT Athletic Director) Mike Hamilton:  Sure, there’s a fine line between being a dumbass and a sumbitch.  Ask me if I really care if Junior crosses it.

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I’m shocked, shocked to hear that negative recruiting is going on in here!

Orson Charles has been hearing rumors that worry him enough to give Mark Richt a ringy-dingy.

… Charles, who may wait until early March to announce his college decision, told the AJC he heard rumors that UGA may use him as a “traditional” tight end. Charles wants to play for a team that lines him up at both tight end and wide receiver. He is ranked as the nation’s No. 62 overall prospect by Rivals.

“I was a little concerned,” said Charles. UGA has already signed Arthur Lynch of Dartmouth, Mass., who is considered a “traditional” tight end.

“I was kind of hearing that Georgia was telling Arthur the same things that they were telling me … and I called Coach Richt because I wanted to hear what he had to say.”

Somebody’s spreading rumors.  Hmmm.  Round up the usual suspects.  If I recall correctly, in addition to Georgia, Mr. Charles is currently being recruited by Southern Cal, Tennessee, Florida and Miami.  Which of these pure as the driven snow coaching staffs do you think is chirping in the kid’s ear?

And just in case you’re one of the four English-speaking people on the planet who don’t get the reference in the header, here you go:


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Handing Penn Wagers a loaded gun

This seems like a really, really bad idea.  And I dislike taunting on the football field as much as the next person.

After all the negative criticism of the rule after what happened in last year’s Washington-BYU game, you’d think these guys would be a little sensitive, but it looks like they’re ready to run in the other direction.

Just to remind you of how gray this area is, Dennis Dodd lists a series of acts that are considered unsportsmanlike under the NCAA rules.

… The downside to such a rules change is that unsportsmanlike acts are open to interpretation. The NCAA rule book tries to be specific as possible, currently prohibiting:

“Abusive, threatening or obscene language or gestures.”

“Pointing the fingers, hands, arms or ball at an opponent or imitating the slashing of the throat.”

“Simulating the firing of a weapon or placing a hand by the ear to request recognition.”

“Obviously altering stride.”

“Diving into the end zone.”

“Punching one’s own chest or crossing one’s arms in front of the chest while standing over a prone player.”

“Going into the stands to interact with spectators or bowing at the waist after a good play.”


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