I’m shocked, shocked to hear that negative recruiting is going on in here!

Orson Charles has been hearing rumors that worry him enough to give Mark Richt a ringy-dingy.

… Charles, who may wait until early March to announce his college decision, told the AJC he heard rumors that UGA may use him as a “traditional” tight end. Charles wants to play for a team that lines him up at both tight end and wide receiver. He is ranked as the nation’s No. 62 overall prospect by Rivals.

“I was a little concerned,” said Charles. UGA has already signed Arthur Lynch of Dartmouth, Mass., who is considered a “traditional” tight end.

“I was kind of hearing that Georgia was telling Arthur the same things that they were telling me … and I called Coach Richt because I wanted to hear what he had to say.”

Somebody’s spreading rumors.  Hmmm.  Round up the usual suspects.  If I recall correctly, in addition to Georgia, Mr. Charles is currently being recruited by Southern Cal, Tennessee, Florida and Miami.  Which of these pure as the driven snow coaching staffs do you think is chirping in the kid’s ear?

And just in case you’re one of the four English-speaking people on the planet who don’t get the reference in the header, here you go:



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12 responses to “I’m shocked, shocked to hear that negative recruiting is going on in here!

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Wow, that’s the best they could come up with as negative recruiting. I heard he struck off Tech early because of rumors of “male ass grab games” and “tickle piles” but those rumors turned out to be true.


  2. Sad to say… I’ve never seen Casablanca – so I must be one of those four people.


  3. NCT

    Bulldawgy! I, too, am shocked. See that movie. See it multiple times. You will be hard pressed to find better writing and delivery anywhere in the history of cinema. Bogart’s performance is masterful. This is not simply one of those movies everybody ought to see and should hope to get around to at some point. This is really a movie everyone MUST SEE.

    Folks may fault Richt for a few things here and there, but I think we should be thankful that we have a coach and staff with a strong reputation for telling recruits the way it is, and not just what the recruits want to hear. Any given recruit may choose to believe rumors over Richt, but I have no doubt that Richt is straight up with these kids.

    In my own professional experience, a reputation for honesty goes a long, long way and must be maintained vigilantly: once compromised, it’s simply gone, but properly cultivated, it wins battles.


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  5. opsomath

    Does anyone really doubt that Bobo would have Charles split wide on some plays? A guy with his height, speed, and hands? Ha, I say, and ha again. It’s not like we have such a wealth of big, playmaking receivers that we can turn one into a glorified O-lineman.


  6. Ally

    Yep, cause CMR is the coach in this league who has a reputation for lying & misleading recruits….

    Even floriduh fans know this is a bunch of crap!

    And Dawgy, if you’re married or have a significant other you must rent this movie for Valentine’s Day. Trust me. You’ll thank us later.


  7. Will Q

    The first time I watched Casablanca I knew I was going to enjoy it after that scene. It’s one of the few “great” films that actually deserves the adjective. Hard to believe it was a mess during production when you see the final product.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Bulldawgy, me neither.


  9. kckd


    That scene is at least at the halfway point if not further in the film. Did it really take you that long?


  10. Will Q

    Maybe I should have said “love it” rather than “enjoy it.” Claude Rains is my favorite actor in the movie, and that scene sold me totally on it.