Was that really necessary?

Well, this sucks.

ESPN’s released its 2009 Thursday night college football schedule, and not only did Mark Richt not get his Christmas wish that Georgia play Okie State on the first Thursday night of the season to have a couple of extra days to prepare for South Carolina, it turns out that that opening night will feature a matchup of NC State hosting… South Carolina.



UPDATE: On the bright side, Doc Saturday is reporting that Oklahoma State is running out of receivers.



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9 responses to “Was that really necessary?

  1. For the love of God, why does South Carolina continue to get these Thursday games before playing UGA? Does this go back to Spurrier doing anything he can to try to get any advantage to beat UGA?


  2. Brian

    Does anyone know why we’re starting our season a week later than usual? That lack of a bye week is really going to hurt.


  3. sUGArdaddy

    The NCAA will not allow the season to officially begin before Aug. 30. In the years Aug. 30 or 31 fall on a Saturday, most schools start then. Basically, Labor Day weekend is the official start date of the CFB season mandated by the NCAA. In 2002 & 2003, the NCAA added the 12th game as a test because the unusual Labor Day schedule allowed teams to play 12 and still have 2 off weeks. When the 12th game became full time in 2006, teams knew that we’d be facing this in most years. 2007 and 2008 both just happened to have that early Labor Day so we didn’t feel the brunt of it right off the bat. At least we got the off date on the right week!

    Go Dawgs!
    Beat the Pokes!


  4. HVL Dawg

    CMR has 7 months to prepare for SC

    Thursday night games are for high school teams.


  5. Derek

    I love the idea of us going on the road and playing in some tough places, but we have to be careful about disadvantaging ourselves in the next ball game. I’m not making excuses but asking our guys to play a 3:30 kickoff in that oven that was Columbia, then fly to Tempe to play in that heat and then try and get back to play the second toughest team on our schedule is just stupid. We should try to schedule our west of the Miss. games the week before we play our weaker opponents…. you know like South Carolina.

    BTW: how is it possible for SOS to be so pitiful at recruiting QB’s and no one says anything? I mean they signed a guy this year that had maybe one other offer and it was someone like UAB. You can’t win without a QB these days and they have Garcia, Beecher and this jagoff. That’s it. Vandy has recruited the QB position better than SOS has a USC and no one even comments. Why is that?


  6. Ally

    I don’t think that SOS is all of a sudden bad at identifying great QB’s, I just think no great QB wants to waste their career at the graveyard that is SCUm. Would you?

    Oh, and Beecher left the program this year. Cmelley did as well. All they have is that fat delinquent teblow wannabe and the new kid who coulda gone to UAB.

    Make some room in that trophy case boys!


  7. Hobnail_Boot


    Kiffykins does it again

    This guy doesn’t have a filter b/t his brain and his mouth.


  8. Aligator

    even i get sick of watching USC on Thursday nights. there are only so many painful grimaces you can take from Spurrior.


  9. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    HVL Dawg …

    Small correction. Friday Nights are for high school teams and Thursday nights are for junior varsity teams … 😉