Friday morning tidbits

Here’s this morning’s sampler platter:

  • Florida State and Miami are moving their game up to a prime time Labor Day slot, so that all of America can get an early look at how far behind the Gators these two once proud programs are, dadgumit.
  • The Orlando Sentinel is amused to find that Nick Saban defined integrity as “a strict adherence to a standard of values and conduct, personal honesty and independence; soundness in everything you do and every decision you make.” And managed to do it with a straight face, to boot.
  • For those of you who thought that Florida would recast its offense this season so that the GPOOE™ could demonstrate that he could get his ass under center just as successfully as Tom Brady, nah.
  • Another SEC rookie head coach speaks:  judging from this quote, Gene Chizik has decided to go with the detachment-from-reality route instead of unjustified arrogance, making Dan Mullen the most intelligent member of the class by process of elimination.

“I’ve been doing this for 23 years,” Chizik told the lunch-time crowd. “I’ve never been fired. I’ve never taken a job I sought. They’ve always sought me.

“I believed if you worked hard and did things right the opportunity would come to me. And in 23 years, I’ve never made a bad decision. I’ve never failed in this position.”



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7 responses to “Friday morning tidbits

  1. Dawg93

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how awful were the Chizik & Kiffin hires? I feel like Nigel in Spinal Tap – “but these go to ELEVEN”.

    That’s how awful they are . . . 11.


  2. “Never failed in this position”? The standard for failure at Iowa State must be pretty high (or low … you know what I mean).


  3. Jerry

    Nick Saban was made to coach college football & has demonstrated that at every stop along the way. The media forced him to either deny interest in the Alabama job OR tell them that he would not consider other jobs until after the Dolphins season was over, thus throwing his players and assistants under the bus with games left on the schedule. Both options were LOSE/LOSE, but he sacrificed his own reputation for the good of the franchise. In other words, he is gone, get over it, now shut up.


  4. GatorBait

    I love how this piece highlights the Gators, an obvious concern for you. Instead of promoting your own team, whatever team that might be…and their accomplishments (ahhh maybe there are none)…you have to make up crap about rivals and post it online. If that makes you feel better, go ahead, it only demonstrates a sore loser and a lack of support for your team. Trash talk is just that…talk! Let’s take it out on the field during the game and the final score will determine the truth and take out the trash.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    This from someone who doesn’t realize the irony in his handle.

    Silly Gators, you never cease to amuse.


  6. Aligator

    Who Dat? We rule and UT and AU drool …