For those of you who dismiss the whole playoffs-dimish-the-regular-season argument, this post of Michael Elkon’s ought to be required reading.


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  1. crane

    The link is dead


  2. RedCrake

    I hate to be dismissive about this post, because I do believe that playoffs take away from the regular season, but part of the reason for ESPN’s low rating for Duke/UNC may have been that throughout the southeast, the game was blacked out and carried on regional providers (Raycom).


    • Duke-UNC is routinely offered as the one regular season college BB game that is still a national rivalry, along the lines of Yankees-Red Sox. The fact of the matter is that it’s not a great national draw any more. The ratings and the fact that ESPN didn’t bother to outbid the regional carriers for the broadcast rights both confirm that.

      We’re all just marking time until we can fill our brackets out.


  3. Derek

    Do the low ratings perhaps have anything to do with the fact that I can name most of UNC’s starting five in 1983 and can’t name one player on UNC currently? As I recall, there was a tournament then. The problem with CBB is that without great players, its just not fun to watch. Luckily, with the exception of Herschel Walker, there are not too many HS players ready to make the jump to the NFL. That reality will help keep CFB attractive regardless of how he post-season is formatted.

    If you want to blame someone for why CBB sucks, look at Shawn Kemp and Kevin Garnett. Find that point guard from Norcross who skipped UGA to ride pine in Philly. March Madness, may contribute, but it is not the main culprit here.


  4. Hobnail_Boot


    If you can’t name one UNC starter, then you haven’t watched college basketball in at least 4 years.

    Tyler Hansbrough gets the Tebow treatment, but actually deserves it.


  5. Derek

    well which is it senator? Is the playoff diminishing interest in the regular season or making something unattractive in general worth watching? I think you may be arguing with yourself here.

    Hobnail, it may be lack interest on my part but I believe I Would’ve watch lebron play cbb.


  6. frogdice

    March Madness is awesome because we get to see an actual champion determined right there in the field of play.

    CBB still makes bank in the regular season and gets great ratings. But comparing basketball to football in the US is a joke. The sports do not even compare in popularity.

    The thing you cannot escape is the fact that NFL has a playoff and the regular season is compelling as heck and crushes all other sports in popularity and ratings.

    Nothing is worse than a champion decided by Caper Milquetoast sports writers who spent their lives getting stuffed in lockers by jocks, and now want payback.

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  7. Macallanlover

    I don’t feel this is a strong point at all. CBB isn’t comparable to CFB, and it isn’t even close. I would willingly admit ANY playoff which take a large percentage of the field and gives them a spot in the playoff does diminish the regular season (CBB, NBA, NFL, etc.) An eight team playoff would actually ENHANCE the season, imo. A race for 8 spots from a field of 119 would make every week a nailbiter. Not playing for any title beyond the conference is an opportunity missed for CFB. Always has been, always will be.