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Kiffin watch: here come the rumors

Nothing like adding a little anonymous turmoil regarding the assistant staff to spice up the stew in Knoxville.


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Valentine’s Day buffet

A few nuggets for you and that special someone:

  • I originally thought that the breakdown in negotiations between Mike Leach and Texas Tech over Leach’s contract extension was the fault of both sides, but the more I read, the more it looks like the school wants to pick a fight.  Leach is so concerned that he’s in Wales at a big rugby tournament.  Maybe he’s thinking of a career move.
  • Evidence that it’s going to be a quiet spring –  Editor’s note: Stewart Mandel is taking a sabbatical from SI.com to work on other projects. He will return in early July.
  • Greg Reid’s honesty is admirable, but given this quote, I can’t say that I’m upset he chose Florida State over Georgia:  “I really like Georgia and the coaches. It’s a fun place. I just felt like it was too far from home and I’d probably have to work a little harder [to compete for a starting position] with the other people in front of me.”
  • It’s not really a surprise, since Lane Kiffin has managed to suck all the oxygen out of the room lately on the asshole front, but little attention has been paid to the goings on at SMU.  June Jones and Steve Orsini come off like a huge pair of jerks in the wake of throwing nine kids off the team for a rather vague reason.  That should pay huge dividends on the recruiting trail.


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