Kiffin watch: here come the rumors

Nothing like adding a little anonymous turmoil regarding the assistant staff to spice up the stew in Knoxville.


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5 responses to “Kiffin watch: here come the rumors

  1. Boz

    Hurricane Kitten is going to make life exhausting for Rockytop… Energizing the fan base is one thing, but at this pace, cream sickle nation will be out of gas come September.

    Can you say, Prozac?


  2. mattr

    Just wait if this guy has a losing season. His career will be going into the tank before it got out of the gate!

    It is what Rocky Top deserves!! First Phat Phil sticks a knife into Johnny Majors back, then gets toasted, then they get the Kiffin, the gift that keeps on giving.


  3. Doc

    “the gift that keeps on giving”….so you are saying Kiffin is comparable to herpes? I kinda like that.


  4. The guy certainly is blogger gold at this point in his career. He’s accomplished something that no one else could have. Everyone is talking about Tennessee football, for better or for worse.


  5. Heyberto

    The Kiffin Watch is now the most fun thing on the internet. I can’t wait to log in each morning and see what the blogs have for me. Loving it.