Kiffin watch: @#$&(*@#) recruiting rules

Just a couple of quick hits:

  • This is just your basic rehash of how-did-we-get-here-with-Junior (don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fun ride), but +1 for the headline.
  • Meanwhile, Ron Higgins asks why Junior, or any other SEC head coach, hasn’t reported Saban for an apparent violation in the recruiting of Memphis WR Keiwone Malone, based on these comments by Malone.


UPDATE: Malone’s coach says everything was on the up and up with Saban.


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6 responses to “Kiffin watch: @#$&(*@#) recruiting rules

  1. Rusi

    Sigh…..the older I get the more I realize people who stick by the rules get left in the dust…..nothing is going to happen to Saban or Alabama…..the NCAA is a wangless gigolo……


  2. baltimore dawg

    God. Fog machines, mock press conferences, etc? That kind of shit makes my skin crawl.

    As the stakes in SEC football get ever higher, I think we’re going to see an explosion in recruiting irregularities, violations, accusations, admonishments, etc. . . . but no real consequences.

    Fine by me. Recruiting is just lions and Christians as far as I’m concerned.


  3. Ally

    lol, the Tennessee press ain’t got nothin’ on you Senator. Don’t be surprised if you start getting death threats from hello kiffy & his head henchman coach orgeron.


  4. frogdice

    Wow. That seems like a pretty bad violation.

    But the kid sounds like a real twit. Laughing at Saban because of his height? What a doofus.

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  5. Aligator

    i keep telling you guys they are the biggest bunch of douche bags ever, this is going to be like watching the Hindenburg.


  6. Hackerdog

    I like how Bama is trying to cover itself on two, mutually exclusive fronts. The encounter wasn’t during a dead period. So the bump rule didn’t apply. But Saban went ahead and complied with the bump rule anyway, even though the recruit says he didn’t.