Why we ♥ college football.

Rivals has a list of ten reasons why we love the game.  It’s pretty good.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.


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6 responses to “Why we ♥ college football.

  1. Macallanlover

    That list pretty well nails it, would be hard to add a point to knock anything off that list (without talking about cheerleaders.)

    I would like to know though why everyone agrees the overtime system is exciting, but we do nothing about modifying the identified problem with the kicking game being out of proportion in OT periods. It is just a letdown to see some little guy walk out and kick a short, to medium length, FG to decide a 3-4 hour football game. (OK, if it’s your favorite team you overlook it in that instance, but for most it is a poor way to end it.)


  2. Wolfman

    I doubt any NFL stadium has such a wealth of gorgeous ladies dressed to the nines, who are masters of tailgating, and enter the stadium with a swagger and Beam tucked deep in a purse.


  3. NM

    Perhaps we should have a rule saying no FGs in OT? Or at least not after the 2nd or 3rd go-round, a la the rule for PATs?


  4. Macallanlover

    NM, that would be one option. It would make for some exciting 4th down plays. I have always wondered why they didn’t just give each team 4 plays each from their own 20-30 yard line and take the total yardage of those 4 plays.

    Say Team A had 35 yards, and Team B had 24 yards, Team A would get one point added to the tie score and the win. Teams would not have to score to win, but it would make for 8 very exciting plays. Both offenses and defenses would determine who wins. It would also reduce injuries from those OT games that go 6-7 series.


  5. Robert

    “I have always wondered why they didn’t just give each team 4 plays each from their own 20-30 yard line and take the total yardage of those 4 plays.”

    –No offense Mac, but that would just be crazy. And…what would you do if both teams score on their possessions? Have another OT?

    I’d rather just have each team start from the 50 in OT. Starting from the 25 is just lame to me.


    They could have another coin flip/kickoff–like the NFL. Then have the teams play out the full 5 minutes of overtime. Not sudden death-style like the NFL. That’s lame to me too.

    But, I do think that college football’s OT can be pretty exciting and unpredictable.

    –Except when freaking Kentucky can’t beat UT when we are tied for the lead in the East. Then I pretty much hate it.

    …Stupid Kentucky.


  6. Macallanlover

    Robert, it is a total yardage playoff idea. If you go 80 yards on the first two plays, you run two more from the 20 again and add that total to the 80. A winner is decided in 8 plays, very decisive. Your idea of starting from the 50 isn’t bad either, but I feel we still end up with a kicker deciding nearly all OT games that way. I like the idea of every fan standing and involved for a concentrated eight plays myself.