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Frat, drunk and stupored is no way to go through a football game, son.

Doc Saturday posts a nice tribute to the drunken frat boy on camera here.

Georgia fans should be familiar with the genre from the greatest play in Georgia history.  Watch the drunk cooter who bursts onto the scene from the left at around 0:21 on this clip.

Red pants?  Check.  Shirt tail out?  Check.  Tie?  Check.  Skipping, leaping and flailing his arms about with no discernable sense of coordination?  Check, check and check.

Sheer bliss.

I have to admit I miss that simpler time when fans could go on the field and drunkenly congratulate a player for scoring with time left on the clock.  Try something like that today and it’s taser city, sweetheart.



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Lane Kiffin would go anyway.

I honestly have no clue what the purpose of this NCAA rule is.  Since when did it become a problem for a head coach to celebrate academics?


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A pirate with no place else to go?

Tomorrow is the deadline that Texas Tech has imposed on its contract negotiations with Mike Leach.  The Wiz has an excellent summary here.

While there seems little doubt that some of the impasse is due to personality conflicts, it also appears that the school is convinced of one thing here in taking the position it has:

“I think that this is the best job that [Leach] is going to get,” Tech’s chancellor told our Brandon George…

The problem for Texas Tech, of course, is that Leach may not share that perspective.  Or may not care.

What happens if tomorrow passes without a deal?  How can the school leave Leach in position as a lame duck coach for two years on the existing contract?  And how can Leach do any recruiting at all under those terms?  Finally, if the school backs down and rescinds its deadline, how can it expect to be taken seriously in its future negotiations with Leach?

For answers to these questions, tune in tomorrow…


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Kiffin watch: ooh, baby, it’s cold outside.

Here’s a story that sort of slid under the radar, probably because it didn’t involve a gaffe per se, but last week Junior canned all six of the graduate assistants affiliated with the football program.

Now, I don’t know the protocol for handling the prior regime’s GAs when a new coach comes in – and, in any event, Junior had to clear a slot for Mitch Browning – so that may be standard operating procedure.  But judging from this message board thread started by former Vol player (and former Vol GA) Kevin Simon’s dad, the decision isn’t sitting too well with some.

It sure makes for an interesting contrast to what Georgia recently did with Bryan McClendon, doesn’t it?

By the way, don’t miss Mr. Simon’s observation mid-thread about what went wrong with Tennessee’s offense last season.


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Yes, I know that this (still) isn’t a basketball blog.

In an exercise of dubious sincerity, Furman Bisher decides to challenge Damon Evans’ manhood in this incredible column because Evans won’t take Bisher’s advice about hiring Bobby Knight.

All of which goes to show that (1) the AJ-C has no sense of journalistic propriety and (2) Damon Evans has self-control.  Which is a very good thing (the latter, that is).

I’m most amazed, though, by Michael Adams’ public silence.  Maybe there’s hope for Georgia athletics after all.


UPDATE: Groo fisks Bisher. Sweet.


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It’s for their own good.

Here’s an interesting exchange in Bruce Feldman’s last mailbag:

From Leah in Anaheim, Calif.: Is this delayed signing going to be the new trend in college football?

Feldman: My hunch is yes. We saw it a little in the past. Winslow’s recruitment lingered as did a few others. Terrelle Pryor got a lot attention last year, although it should be noted he got delayed some because his basketball schedule had some impact. This is a different deal though, and it’s not just Brown. You have a handful of other blue-chippers still out there: Orson Charles, David Oku, Rolando Jefferson, DT-OT Kwame Geathers and LB Eric Fields (although I think he is headed to Northwest Miss. CC, according to this Oxford Eagle story). The coaches I’ve spoken with in the past week say they expect more and more kids to delay their decisions, and it really could become a problem for a lot of programs because it’ll interfere with their preparation for spring practice as well as dealing with their current players, not to mention recruiting juniors. Expect to hear some talk about how college coaches would like the NCAA to have a tight 48-hour window around signing day so this doesn’t turn recruiting into another hot stove league. [Emphasis added.]

Heaven forbid these kids have any sort of leverage in their recruitment.  After all, it’s not like a coach could give a kid a deadline, or simply refuse to keep a slot open past signing day, or have a Plan B, or… wait a minute – you mean a coach could do any of those things?  Then why don’t we see any of them put a foot down about this?

I think we know the answer to that.

You know, if the ADs got together and had the NCAA pass a rule restricting when a coach could sign a contract, there’d be all kinds of screaming bloody murder over that.  And rightfully so.  Yet I doubt anyone will bat an eye over this proposal when (not if) it sees the light of day.

So just remember one thing the next time you hear coaches talk about how an early signing day is in the best interests of the recruits:  the reality is that they could care less.


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