Frat, drunk and stupored is no way to go through a football game, son.

Doc Saturday posts a nice tribute to the drunken frat boy on camera here.

Georgia fans should be familiar with the genre from the greatest play in Georgia history.  Watch the drunk cooter who bursts onto the scene from the left at around 0:21 on this clip.

Red pants?  Check.  Shirt tail out?  Check.  Tie?  Check.  Skipping, leaping and flailing his arms about with no discernable sense of coordination?  Check, check and check.

Sheer bliss.

I have to admit I miss that simpler time when fans could go on the field and drunkenly congratulate a player for scoring with time left on the clock.  Try something like that today and it’s taser city, sweetheart.


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14 responses to “Frat, drunk and stupored is no way to go through a football game, son.

  1. Low Country Dawg

    Say Blutarsky, wasn’t that you?


  2. Brian

    You mean they didn’t have snipers in the sky boxes back in those days?


  3. They did not incorporate Snipers until 1984


  4. The Realist

    That guy looks, um, Senatorial..


  5. DallasDawg

    Oh the good ‘ole days. When beating UF was a relatively common (though never tiresome) thing. What I wouldn’t give for that sense of euphoria again.


  6. Vinings Dog

    I was at that game and my seats were on about the twenty yard line about thirty rows up. I was sick to my stomach before the miracle play because I had completely given up. When Lindsay caught the ball I was just happy for a first down, and then he kept running and running and then he was in front of our section going into the endzone. I have NEVER seen that much bourbon in the air. It was RAINING. Somehow, I ended up in the aisle, five seats away and four rows down. I do not know how I got there.

    I have seen the replay a hundred times and I still get tears in my eyes. I have always loved the sincere, exuberant reaction of the tall guy in the red pants.

    Certainly there are people who know who this fine gentleman is. I would like to shake his hand some day.


    • I have NEVER seen that much bourbon in the air. It was RAINING.

      VD, you pretty much mirror my experience. All I can add is that none of my group wanted to leave the Gator Bowl after the game ended. Especially after we got word that Tech tied Notre Dame – the only real accomplishment of Bill Curry’s career.


  7. Robert

    Man…I love that voice.


  8. If we beat the Gators this year, I’m wearing my red pants to work. Probably all week.

    If I had my way, Richt would be rocking the reds like Erk did for big games.



  9. AceG8tr

    I have a somewhat different perspective of this play–I felt so awful afterwards that I went to bed at 7:30 pm, if memory serves. That was a great day for Dawgs, and the worst one in my memory for the Gators. Hopefully never to happen again. 🙂


  10. Vinings Dog

    Senator, we stayed in the stadium as well, and I got a little emotional when it was announced that Tech had tied ND. It made me think it was all ordained, because my father, who loved Georgia (and whose engraved belt buckle I was wearing at the time) had passed away before the season started. The man who went to the first game in Sanford Stadium and who told me all about Trippi and Sinkwich and Tarkenton, was not going to see us ranked number one. What a bitter-sweet seires of events.


  11. What I love about that play is that Georgia ran play-action on third and long from their own nine with a minute to go, as if anyone thought that a run could be coming. They apparently didn’t have a pass play in the play book that did not involve a fake to Herschel.

    I don’t mean this as a rip on Georgia because most college offenses were so run-heavy at that time that they didn’t have any straight passing plays. For instance, here is Michigan running a play-action pass from midfield with six seconds remaining in a tie game:

    Lee Corso was the coach of Indiana in that game, BTW.


    • Even better, Florida dropped eight in coverage against a two man route where both of Georgia’s receivers wound up in the same area of the field (you can see the other receiver throw a block for Scott) – and the play still went all the way.