Kiffin watch: ooh, baby, it’s cold outside.

Here’s a story that sort of slid under the radar, probably because it didn’t involve a gaffe per se, but last week Junior canned all six of the graduate assistants affiliated with the football program.

Now, I don’t know the protocol for handling the prior regime’s GAs when a new coach comes in – and, in any event, Junior had to clear a slot for Mitch Browning – so that may be standard operating procedure.  But judging from this message board thread started by former Vol player (and former Vol GA) Kevin Simon’s dad, the decision isn’t sitting too well with some.

It sure makes for an interesting contrast to what Georgia recently did with Bryan McClendon, doesn’t it?

By the way, don’t miss Mr. Simon’s observation mid-thread about what went wrong with Tennessee’s offense last season.


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10 responses to “Kiffin watch: ooh, baby, it’s cold outside.

  1. Doc

    That whole situation is not right.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Thus ends the Cooter dynasty within the Vile program.


  3. The Realist

    Message boards so accurately reflect the idea that any idiot with a keyboard can use the internet.

    From UTandUNC (the message right before Mr. Simon’s assessment of UT’s offensive woes):

    “Dad, I hate to tell you, but welcome to the real world!! I just laid off 40 of about 700 employees from my hospital. How do you you think those people feel? Some of them were uneducated with MINIMAL chances to get a job at all. You’re whining because now it’s going to be harder for Kevin to coach?? WHO CARES ABOUT COACHING WHEN UNFORTUNATELY SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT EVEN HAVE THE MONEY TO EAT!!!! I think most people would take Kevin’s job as a scout without fail. So, in other words, thanks for raising a great kid who gave his all to UT, but as far as this coaching thing, cry me a freaking river. Get over it. If you don’t like UT as a result of what they did to Kevin, don’t post here.
    “Some people think Tennessee football is life and death. I think it’s much more important than that!!” -Me

    (Emphasis is mine.) This just drips with irony. In summary, this guy just fired some employees, and he thinks it is appropriate to discuss on a college football message board. He criticizes the father of a GA (and an outstanding football player from what I remember) for the father’s belief that Tennessee gave all of the GA’s the shit end of the stick by firing them because his son’s occupation was coaching as opposed to something in real life… like janitorial work. He closes his post with a quote that indicates that he believes that Tennessee football is more important than life and death.

    These people deserve Hello Kiffy.


  4. This may be too “conspiracy theorist” from my side, but I wonder if him retaining Inky Johnson was a way to cover getting rid of all the rest of the GA’s.


  5. joe

    So let me get this right. Kiffy is simply getting rid of any and everyone affiliated with the old staff. Completely, to include secretaries. I guess he has never read “how to win friends and influence people” but it does sound like he has read “Mien Kampf”.
    No I don’t think he is Hitler, but damn, he is making Al Davis look genius like. When next season is over the burn marks on Kiffy’s arse are going to need a burn center to treat. What an idiot.


  6. DawgBiscuit

    No “Global War on Lane status update” today? Where you at Dog in Fla?


  7. Dog in Fla


    Hunkered down trying to prepare and file mortgage foreclosure complaints before Obama gets legislation passed declaring moratorium on filing of same.

    Expect to be back soon boring the **** out of all y’all…


  8. NM

    “Jim Bob Cooter” is the most Tennessee-sounding name I can imagine. Can’t let a guy like that go.


  9. DawgBiscuit

    DiF: Yikes, that sounds like a real PITA. Boring us? No way. I love the GWOL updates after Kiffy does something stupid, which has turned out to be very often.


  10. Rocketdawg

    That bunch of Orange clad morons deserve Kiffykins and everything associated with him. What a giant set of douchebags….they make Urban Cryer look classy.