Lane Kiffin would go anyway.

I honestly have no clue what the purpose of this NCAA rule is.  Since when did it become a problem for a head coach to celebrate academics?


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6 responses to “Lane Kiffin would go anyway.

  1. RedCrake

    So Richt can’t go see a committed player (with LOI) who has made straight A’s since Kindergarten, but Saban can offer a kid during a non-contact period with no repercussions.

    Way to have those priorities straight there NCAA.


  2. What possible reason would the NCAA have to prevent a kid who has signed a LOI from having contact with a coach? If Richt calls him to say “congratulations,” would that be a violation, too?


  3. JasonC

    Com’on, we all know that after the ceremony, Richt was going to go to Applebee’s with Burnette’s family and spend 2 hours going over the playbook over riblets and Crispy Chicken Baskets in order to cheat and give the Dogs and edge.


  4. Macallanlover

    NCAA needs a “common sense” guru to help them several times a year when they shoot their toe off like this. No way this requires NCAA intervention, just as it didn’t when a coach bought a player’s meal at McDonalds after one of his parents died and they were on the way to the airport. Or when we tried to pay for an airline ticket from Iraq for a Boise State player’s father to come to Athens and see him play. It goes on and on, yet Reggie Bush can have a house provided for his family in Los Angeles and nothing gets done about it. Or TN players can get cash and cars with no penalties. They need serious help in Kansas City.


  5. peacedog

    Pretty stupid, and pretty typical (alas).


  6. Ben

    At the risk of being labeled a serious a-hole, sometimes it seems that Myles Brand is just reaping the benefits of what he’s sown. I honestly can’t believe this would be a problem…