Yes, I know that this (still) isn’t a basketball blog.

In an exercise of dubious sincerity, Furman Bisher decides to challenge Damon Evans’ manhood in this incredible column because Evans won’t take Bisher’s advice about hiring Bobby Knight.

All of which goes to show that (1) the AJ-C has no sense of journalistic propriety and (2) Damon Evans has self-control.  Which is a very good thing (the latter, that is).

I’m most amazed, though, by Michael Adams’ public silence.  Maybe there’s hope for Georgia athletics after all.


UPDATE: Groo fisks Bisher. Sweet.



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4 responses to “Yes, I know that this (still) isn’t a basketball blog.

  1. papadawg

    Thanks for reminding me why I no longer read the AJC.


  2. The Realist

    When they embalmed Furman Bisher, it was reported that his blood was eerily the color of urine. The sample was given to chemical engineers who nicknamed it “Old Gold” because Furman Bisher is really freakin’ old. The rest is history.

    It is remarkable that his re-animated corpse still has a column in the ajc. They really can’t find anyone with a coherent thought to churn out 1,000 words that serve no purpose? Have they considered hiring bloggers? At least bloggers are funny.


  3. Ally

    Furman Bisher is still alive?

    And Michael Adams is only quiet because he has his hands full with students storming his office daily w/ the “fair wage” protests. I feel confident he’ll rear his ugly head in short order. Zebras don’t change their stripes.


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