Tuesday morning buffet

Here are a few items staying warm in their virtual chafing dishes for you to nibble on:

  • If I were Carl Johnson, based on the recent trend in Gainesville, I’d start shopping for suitcases.
  • The fact that Noel Mazzone is being seriously considered for the OC job at Pittsburgh should tell you all you need to know about Dave Wannstedt’s vision and why we need something like the Rooney Rule in college football.
  • Chris Low manages to tell us in the space of one post that (1) Spurrier is stuck with a quarterback he thinks is lazy and (2)  Saban and the rest of his SEC peers have been busy turning each other in for recruiting violations.  It’s gonna be a fun year, methinks.
  • I’m a sucker for unintended irony, so it’s no surprise that this item caught my eye.  One of the standard arguments playoff proponents make is that D-1 football doesn’t crown a legitimate national champ, so make sure you check out the header at this anti-BCS site, specifically the way it references “spokesperson” Anthony Davis.  Hey, it’s those other national championship claims that don’t count!
  • You want to know how good a writer Michael Lewis is?  He can pick a subject I don’t care about, like the NBA, and a player I could care about even less, like Shane Battier, and make a fascinating article out of them.  It’s obviously non-football on the surface, but it’s another one of those Moneyball situations that Lewis excels at describing.  It’s the kind of thinking that coaches in all sports shouldn’t shy away from.  Well worth your time.


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9 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Sparrow

    I completely agree about the Michael Lewis article. I don’t care about the NBA, Battier, etc either, but it really was facinating. I wonder if there are too many moving parts on a football team to make some sort of similar application work… I’m sure someone is working on it.


  2. Ally

    “Steve in Atlanta writes: C’mon Chris, a third secondary is no big deal the last time I checked. Saint Richt had 17 last year…”

    Ugh. UT fans on message boards for weeks have been spreading the lie that CMR had 17 NCAA secondary violations last year alone.

    The truth is, the entire AD of UGA had 17 total secondary violations. Football had a total of 5-none of which even come close to the crap Kiffin is pulling. And Kiffin’s had 3 violations in what, 2 weeks?


    Really wish Chris Low would correct that error before publishing a slanderous remark about Richt on ESPN’s website.


  3. Boy, do I ever miss Larry Munson!


  4. Sparrow

    I remember reading the original article in the Magazine, but it was a good refresher and a frightening reminder of what we’ll all be in store for if a real school ever sacks up and elects to sail under the Jolly Roger. Clearly there is an answer to Leach’s offense, but like PJ’s scheme, it will hurt those who aren’t prepared.


  5. David

    the top 1% of 1%


  6. NebraskaDawg

    What makes SEC football so great is it combines 3 great things into one: college football at an elite level, great drama both in and out of season and reality TV. That is why we all look forward to the start of every season.


  7. Coastal Dawg

    “Bump” my Aunt Fanny.

    How could the kid already have committed if he was surprised by short Saban was we he bumped into him?

    As they say in Russia, bullshevic.


  8. frogdice

    Uh, what’s your point about the Anthony Davis header?

    Playoff proponents are not flat earthers. They don’t feel the need to argue we’ve never had a national champion. There is certainly a champion crowned every year. Playoff proponents just want that process to be more about ACTUAL games played on the field, and not largely decided by the way idiot sportswriters vote.

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