“Coach we want to come to Georgia.”

Sort of continuing on from the final point of my last post, I don’t think it behooves an organization to force loyalty through pressure tactics, whether by contract, or by hard salesmanship.  Along those lines, take a look at what Mark Richt has to say about how he recruits and handles commitments.

“When I talk to a young man, I’m not one to press a kid really really hard to commit. Because if he does, and I pushed him into it, then they usually walk out the door saying ‘Man, I don’t know if I should’ve done that or not.’ Automatically, they walk out the door with some kind of doubt. Our style is more to lay it out there, and say ‘If you want to [commit], that’s fantastic. We want your heart, we want you to be serious about it…”


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6 responses to ““Coach we want to come to Georgia.”

  1. The Realist

    That sounds reasonable and rational. Odd things in the world of recruiting.


  2. peacedog

    Sometimes die hard recruiting fans get upset at this approach, but I like it and I don’t get being upset. Yes, it might mean we don’t get this or that specific player. It may mean we get some other specific player. At the end of the day, it’s just a different way of doing things and we appear to do very well with it (any recruiting issues Georgia has seem to stem mostly from targeting the right players; but everyone fights that battle).

    Decommits are not nonexistent but they’re rare (and I can think of two that appear to have been mutual – Martin Ward and BJ Brand). I don’t see this so much from the “I only want kids who want to wear the G!!!” perspective some people get into. Rather, I see it as a kid making a big decision but doing it on his terms (or as much on his terms as he can), which is the desireable outcome IMO.


  3. NM

    I think this type of thing is why we seem to have so few surprises — good and bad — on signing day. And you know what? As long as we keep bringing in top ten classes full of players that sincerely want to play for Georgia/Richt, we’ll be in good shape.


  4. Derek

    Why won’t Richt try the point and stare?

    “He gets up there behind the podium,” Katherine Harris from the Broward County Gator Club recently recounted, “and the whole room listens in awe about his four years at Bowling Green and Utah. At some point in his speech he’ll stop talking. And then he’ll stare….and point…it’s then you realize you’re truly in the presence of greatness.” http://georgiasports.blogspot.com/2005/07/urban-meyer-praised-for-pointing-and.html


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