More on these tough times

USA Today takes another look at how schools are coping with an economy in free fall.  Buried in all the gloom is a pretty good one liner.

A recession comes after two consecutive quarters of declining productivity — or, as Notre Dame calls that, halftime.

By the way, if you’re still not convinced that things have gotten pretty bad, take a look at this.  When beer is no longer recession-proof, we’re all in trouble.


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2 responses to “More on these tough times

  1. Doc

    I don’t remember the exact numbers but hops prices went up around 230% and barley 1300% not long ago (and after the shortage they mention). This was due to the extreme flooding in the midwest region. This has caused the price of beer to go up quite a bit and probably accounts for the larger drop in beer than spirits. I know I have switched from Bud to Busch…..not quite to the point of going to the Beast though.


  2. The Realist

    As part of my graduate studies, I analyzed the beer industry (really tough, I know). There has been a significant shift away from beer consumption and towards spirits consumption well before the overall collapse of the economy. Combined with the rise of the microbrews, the big names in beer, like (the former) Anheuser-Busch, South African Brewers (Miller), etc. were all beginning to see their market share in the alcohol industry erode. That’s why you saw them dabble in spirits, like A-B’s Jekyll & Hyde shot that, as far as I know, isn’t even available anymore.

    I’m sure the rising cost of inputs exacerbated the problem, but the trend was not good beforehand. What we need here is more Beer Pong.