Peace in our time

So the parties have struck a deal in Lubbock, Texas and Mike Leach is staying on.  The school got close to what it wanted on the termination penalty it would be liable for if it were to fire Leach before the end of the contract, but the coach pretty much got his way on everything else.

He’ll owe no buyout if he elects to leave, which, given the previous tenor of the negotiations, looks like a huge win for Leach.   Dennis Dodd thinks TTU athletic director Gerald Myers got his ass handed to him.  He’s not the only one to reach that conclusion.

The AD wanted to remind everyone about the most important thing here.

Myers said he has always wanted Leach to be Tech’s coach.

“I think that got lost with all the rhetoric and speculation,” Myers said…

Yeah, sure.  As the Wiz points out, this little tiff between coach and school didn’t just spring up in a vacuum.  There’s plenty of history behind the bad blood.


UPDATE: Seth C at Double-T Nation thinks the school is getting something of a bum rap on this deal.

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