Sunday morning buffet

Here are this morning’s choicest morsels for your viewing pleasure:

  • Southern Cal’s last kicker could beat up your whole damned football team.
  • Kevin Scarbinsky thinks things are only going to get uglier in Memphis.
  • Speaking of which, this has to be the post header of the day.  (h/t Gate 21)
  • Tim Tebow isn’t perfect?  Let’s hope that’s not the case for those Filipino youngsters that TT played doctor on last summer.
  • Morbid thoughts on JoePa, from his own players.  Maybe that’s why he stays in the booth for games now.


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3 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Thanks for the link. I’m actually a Georgian by birth. Obliged, sir.


  2. NRBQ

    “What you talkin’ bout, Willis?”

    That Daytona writer’s claim that Tiger’s return is over-hyped sorta calls his sports journo’s credentials into question.

    Six PGA tournaments in ’08 = all top tens, 4 wins, one 2nd, and #2 on the money list while the other guys played 25-30 tournaments.

    Plus a couple of wins world-wide.

    Walked 91 holes to win the Open on a broken leg and fritzed-up knee.

    Hasn’t played since June, but still world’s #1 ranked golfer.

    Most recognizable athlete in the world, who single-handedly drives TV ratings.

    65 PGA wins, 14 majors, at age 33. Youngest to win the Grand slam, youngest to win 50 times. OK, I’ll stop.

    Yeah, Willis, Woods is way over-rated.


  3. NCT

    3.7 GPA. In “Family, Youth, and Community Sciences”. After being home-schooled.

    Is it ok that I’m not impressed? It’s not a knock on Tebow, but come on.