Tuesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and line up.

  • Here’s another reason why minority coaches may have an easier path in the NFL than in the college ranks – the trend in the pros to avoid the star coach hire.
  • Even dead celebrities prefer a D-1 playoff, it seems.
  • Logan Gray has to be the forgotten man of Georgia football.  Everyone seems to skip directly from Joe Cox to the incoming freshmen in reviewing the QB position.  Hopefully Gray can do something to refresh their memories.
  • Give him credit – Bernie Machen’s got one helluva shtick going.  He pitches a poorly thought out playoff proposal to his SEC peers, bails out and votes against his own proposal when the going gets tough and yet still gets cited as a go-to guy by the national media on playoffs.  Nice work if you can get it.
  • I guess some coaches would be opposed to an early signing period.  At least sometimes.
  • That leadership thing is still the subject of many posts in the Georgia blogosphere.  David Hale offered some follow up observations yesterday to his earlier post on the subject and Marc Weiszer reminds us that one of the departing players who kinda, sorta got a nudge, nudge, wink, wink thrown his way about leadership last year raised that issue himself before the Cap One Bowl.


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2 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. peacedog

    It bothers me when coaches renege like that, since the kid has no option to switch (and I believe they should; right now I’d only do it on a head coaching change but if there was a head coaching change, I’d allow a kid to ehad elsewhere and possibly have special NCAA dispensation in place to account for the fact that other teams would most likely be full up already. I’m open to doing that on any coaching change, but right now just head).

    I’m sympathetic to a new coach who has players he didn’t immediately recruit, but get over it. Expectations should be modified accordingly (they won’t be, but never mind).


  2. Irishdawg

    Why is Logan Gray never discussed? He looked good in last year’s spring game, and he seem to be a hard working, talented athlete. So why not him?