Wednesday morning buffet

Morning, campers.

  • In case nobody told you, spring practice is already underway at three schools.
  • I’m surprised that this hadn’t been done already, but Jerry does an entertaining job with it.  Auburn’s staff takes the early lead in the duel, but we haven’t heard from the likes of Coach O yet, either.  Stay tuned for part two.
  • For the life of me, I can’t figure out why anybody cares about the NFL combine.
  • You’ve got to be vewy, vewy careful these days finding just the right patsy to fill in that twelfth game on the schedule.
  • And in case you hadn’t seen this, the GPOOE™ engaged in a little smack talk about our boys to raise some cash.  We can only hope it proves to be as bad an investment as what’s been in our 401Ks for the last year.


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14 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. dean

    For reasons I can’t explain I’m enthralled with the combine. I have been the last couple of years. It’s odd because I could really care less about the NFL. Yet for some reason I can watch the combine for hours on end.

    I would really like to throw some smack talk back to mighty Tim but until we actually show up on a regular basis and beat them there’s not much I can say in response to his comment. Hopefully our boys get wind of this and use it as motivation.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Here’s a solution for Ole Sis. They signed 38 players and only 25 are allowed on scholly. Can’t they just play the other 13 on that day?


  3. Thimmy Thebow,

    Words cannot express how much I hate you.

    the tri guy


  4. Heyberto

    As if we need anymore motivation… Joe Cox I hope they never see you coming.


  5. SLH

    God eschews arrogance, while the Gator nation embraces it. While your comment may be a joke, remember that there’s a bit of truth b/h any joke. And we don’t think it’s funny.

    To hell with you and your school.


  6. The Realist

    1) NFL scouts spend Sept-Jan finding out why they should draft you. Then they spend Feb-Mar trying to find out why they shouldn’t. The whole process is idiotic. Not that I’m not curious, but who cares a) how fast Stafford runs or b) how high he can jump. Back in the day, I could run faster than a 4.8, and I had a 30″ vertical. Did that mean I could play quarterback in the NFL? Hell no.

    Football players are football players. Measurables are not everything. You cannot measure heart, instinct, and work ethic. Rennie Curran is a prime example. If you seriously need to see Percy Harvin run a 40 to know whether or not he is fast, then you are a dolt who hasn’t watched a lick of college football. The only question about Harvin is the voodoo doll that someone has pricked with a thousand little pins all over his body. If you can locate it, Harvin will be great. If not, he’ll be on the trainer’s table more often than not. Otherwise, he can run (which is an understatement), he can catch, he can smack his coach on the ass. What else do you need from an NFL wide receiver? A bad attitude?

    2) Ole Miss wanted a not-so-hard opponent, and they were trying to sign TCU? TCU was a pair of missed field goals and a horribly-played fourth quarter from beating Utah and being in the Sugar Bowl. Good luck with that.

    3) GPOOE referred to himself as “Timmy.” I want more than anything for him to finish his eligibility and go away. I would prefer for him to leave 1-2 versus Georgia as a starter, but I’d settle for him just going away.


  7. RedCrake

    “My ultimate goal is not to get a big hug from coach Meyer after a game, it’s when I stand before Jesus Christ and he has his arms out … and he says, ‘Timmy, you finished,’ ”

    In response:

    “My ultimate goal is not to get a big hug from coach Martinez after a game, it’s when I stand before Coach Richt and he has his arms out … and he says, ‘Rennie, sack the shit out of Tim Tebow.’ “


  8. I wouldn’t get all bent out of shape over Tebow’s comments. As SLH said above, it was probably in a joking manner. The problem is, you are Tim Tebow and everything you say will be reported and scrutinized. Thank you for the bulletin board material. Rennie Curran will personally deliver my thanks next this Halloween.


  9. SLH

    Of course it’s a joke to Timmy. Just a joke like Spurrier used to say about UGA. Just a joke like James Carvill making fun of our past President. Just a joke like Ahmadinijad laughing about his intentions to produce nuclear weapons designed for the destruction of Israel.

    I don’t find humor in it and neither should anyone who bleeds red and wears black.

    I want someone, anyone from UGA to bust Timmy’s jaw in 35 pieces and ask him how fcking funny that is. Then visit him in the hospital and apologize, and then joke about the 80 pounds he lost while having his jaw wired shut and sipping through a straw. That would be a riot!!

    Btw, I didn’t find Spurrier’s jokes and anecdotes funny back then, and I don’t find them funny now. I want the son of a bitch to lose every game he ever coaches.

    And I will relish in every single loss Florida sustains from now until eternity.


  10. 69Dawg

    Tim is like a lot of evangelicals he only reads the part of the Bible he likes. Try Pride goeth before a fall. He has zero humility, is a poor loser and all around poor sport. You can hate to lose and still be gracious in defeat. Just cutting foreskins off does not make you Christ like. He needs to grow up.


  11. Whoa, calm down there SLH. It’s obviously hard to articulate emotions through written text but it’s not like I was having a laugh fest over here. My point is he said it in a relaxed environment that was probably full of Gator fans (similar to Kiffin’s comments at the Vol breakfast) and I take it as nothing more than good-natured ribbing.

    Of course, that’s going to rub people on this side of the aisle the wrong way, but I don’t think it’s any different than when Georgia fans/players were calling Tebow “the best 9-4 Heisman winner”.

    My point is we shouldn’t get all bent out of shape over it. I have no doubt that this is going to be on the locker room bulletin board starting tomorrow. I hope the team is also doing 49 reps in mat drills for every point they gave up to Florida. I’m sure he thought it was cute at the time, but he won’t think it’s so cute if that’s the extra motivation that causes him to leave college 1-2 as a starter versus Georgia.


  12. SLH

    I wasn’t climbing on you for your comments. My point was that Timmy may laugh and think it’s a joke, but it’s not – and I am not laughing about the fact that while he may laugh and say “after we beat Georgia again”, the truth is that he thinks the win is a given and that we are truly an inferior species.

    Otherwise he wouldn’t have said it in the first place.

    I agree with the rest of your comments as well.


  13. Thanks for the clearup, SLH. I can certainly appreciate the sentiment that it shouldn’t be funny, but when your whole life all you’ve known as the three certain things in life are death, taxes, and a Georgia loss in Jacksonville, how do you expect him to act?

    The kid’s 21 years old and during his lifetime, Florida is 16-6 versus Georgia (Yes, I realize that 22 > 21, but kid was born before the 1987 Cocktail Party).

    I’m really not trying to pile on, I just don’t understand the anger. The only way to change it from being the punchline of a joke is for us to stop crapping our pants everytime we take the field in Jacksonville just because it’s Florida lining up across the gridiron.

    Despite all my ramblings, I don’t like the joke one bit either.