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Friday morning buffet

It’s no chicken biscuit, but here’s some football news to get you going:

  • Not that this should surprise anyone, but the NCAA has gotten around to investigating Bryce Brown’s Svengali, Brian Butler.
  • David Hale linked to this post-combine interview with Knowshon Moreno.  He loves us; he really, really loves us!
  • Dontae Aycock speaks. The problem is that Dontae Aycock isn’t so good on the listening end.  But he sounds happy with his fate and Paul Johnson got to make his point, so I suppose this wound up being a win-win situation in a perverse way.
  • In case you’re wondering how much it cost to rebuild the staff in Columbia, the answer is a lot more than it did two years ago, but a lot less than they’re spending in Knoxville.


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Twisted logic, example two

Shorter Michael Wilbon: pay no attention to those college football losers.  The college basketball regular season is especially meaningful because nobody can figure out if any of the teams are good.

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Twisted logic, example one

Nothing like a little misplaced righteous anger to get the day started:

“On an ethical level, it is preposterous, if not heinous, to have the football and basketball coach paid several times as much as the university president,” says Andrew Zimbalist, an economics professor at Smith College who is considered an expert on the economy of sports. “What message does that send to the students about the priorities of the school or the society?”

Andrew, I’ll get back to you about that when ESPN signs a deal to broadcast faculty meetings.


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